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  • A few of my favorite things…

    A few of my favorite things…

    I am always thinking about multiple streams of income. Sadly it stops there; a thought. My busy parenting and work schedule doesn’t allow me to give it much more than a mere thought, so I am not there yet, but I’m surely working on it. I checked my Amazon commissions recently and saw a small […]

  • Get Your Twists to Act Right

    Get Your Twists to Act Right

    Hair products used: –Ouidad Curl Co wash -VO5 Herbal Escapes clarifying conditioner -TGIN Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner ( -SheaMoisture shea butter Extra Moisture Detangler -TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer ( I am not suggesting you use these products necessarily, just sharing what was used for this twist out. However, all products left my hair residue-free and […]

  • 15 ways to wear a head scarf from Love Your Tresses

    15 ways to wear a head scarf from Love Your Tresses

    I fell in love with this video within the first minute! I followed Fiona of Love Your Tresses immediately. I figured if her other videos were half as HAIRspiring as this one, she’d be a great addition to my YouTube.   Enjoy! And if you comment on her video, tell her My Natural Reality sent you 🙂 […]

  • Twisting Tutorial Time

    Twisting Tutorial Time

    Sometimes I come across a skill I lack and my first thought may be, “I’ll never be able to do that.” And if I don’t try, then bam, there it is. I won’t be able to do it. But with patience and practice, [almost] anything is possible! So here are a few vids with flat twists or […]

  • My first flat iron in almost four years

    My first flat iron in almost four years

    You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t cute! I had my hair flat ironed shortly after going natural in 2010 and haven’t gone back to straight hair since. One reason is because it would take too doggone long if I were to attempt it myself. I don’t even blow dry my hair thanks to the time […]

  • Kasheera of Wild Heart Bliss

    Kasheera of Wild Heart Bliss

    Meet Kasheera Hickson, creator and founder of Wild Heart Bliss, an online handmade jewelry boutique. Q: Tell me more about your jewelry company. How did it come about? A: I’m a very artistic person. I got into drawing and painting back in high school and about 10 months ago I came up with the idea […]

  • Jasmine Lawrence of EDEN BodyWorks

    Jasmine Lawrence of EDEN BodyWorks

    Ebony posted a great article updating EDEN BodyWorks‘ fans on founder, Jasmine Lawrence. I can recall many years ago when my grandmother came home with these products. This was long before I began my natural journey but my grandmother was on her journey and these were some of the first “natural hair products” she came […]

  • Mom’s protective style

    Yep. My mama is flyer than most. After viewing a video from Soft Sheen Carson, she was inspired to try a protective style on her own. I’m so proud of her for getting it to look so cute on her own because she doesn’t absolutely love to do hair like I do, she does it […]

  • Big Chopping for a Greater Cause

    Big Chopping for a Greater Cause

    Saleemah of Hydratherma Naturals shared, “The hubs and I had a ball doing my big chop earlier today! I really appreciate him. Many asked why I cut my hair. I’m donating my hair to #LocksOfLove I pray that they can make a kinky wig for a cancer patient who needs it! Love y’all! #naturalhair #naturalhairjourney“ This was such a […]

  • I don’t have a winter regimen

    I don’t have a winter regimen

    …BUT if I did… [youtuber youtube=’’] 1. Avoid humectants if possible – it can pull moisture from your hair in a colder, dryer atmosphere. 2. Use more shea butter and other butter products to coat my strands. 3. Deep condition and use hot oil treatments regularly. 4. Less manipulation in the form of washing my […]

  • Moisturized Braid Out

    Moisturized Braid Out

    [youtuber youtube=’’] I started by washing with Motions Naturally You Moisturizing Cleanser. This shampoo does not seem to be highly favored among some naturalistas in my circle, but I rather enjoy it! I kept braids in as I washed. Products used:   I wore my hair in a beanie for several days. Major definition after […]

  • Bun-Hawk Protective Style

    Bun-Hawk Protective Style

    I watched a video on Soft Sheen Carson’s YouTube page and was truly inspired to give it a try!   [youtuber youtube=’’] It may look like intricate styling, but I promise once you have the pony tails, you just roll, tuck, and pin! Click on any photo to enlarge it. If you give it a […]

  • Bun-tastic


    This is probably no big deal to most of you but I have a THICK head of hair. I never thought I’d be able to bun without first blow drying my hair. Even when washing my hair and sectioning it off to condition, a solitary ponytail is not an option. It takes too much manpower […]

  • HAIRspiration: COLOR

    HAIRspiration: COLOR

    I love the boldness of many women who are fierce enough to rock a bright hue on their tresses! [youtuber youtube=’’] ^^Loves me some My Natural Sistas!          

  • Natural Sis 72 Review

    Natural Sis 72 Review

      Here’s a product for you to check out that’s moisturizing and has safe ingredients to help your hair maintain it’s health. Owner of Natural Sis 72, Mary   [youtuber youtube=’’] Here’s a review vid I posted using Sweet Coconut Butter: [youtuber youtube=’’] YOUTUBE (Buttah Me UP Naturalsis72) FACEBOOK  

  • Happily Ever Natural

    Happily Ever Natural

    My name is Michelle. I’m 27 years old from Chicago, IL. Founder of and I love everything about NATURAL HAIR!!   My mother relaxed my hair at a very young age because she simply could not deal with it.  I was a long term transitioner from 2009-2011, I simply did not want to do the […]

  • LACEnatural product review

    LACEnatural product review

    I’ve been enjoying LACEnatural products ever since the owner, Candera Walker, gifted me with a couple goodies! I told you in a recent post that I’d post more about products I like, so here’s me keeping good on my word! 😉 My favorite product of hers! [youtuber youtube=’’] One day, I’ll try more of her […]

  • Koils by Nature

    Koils by Nature

    I don’t post enough about my hair products…but I’ll try to do better just for you! 😉 I went to the Black Hair Kitchen Expo in DC and purchased a few items (as you can see!)…here’s my video review for the Koils by Nature products I have been loving since the day they entered my […]

  • My Natural Reality’s Protective Styling

    My Natural Reality’s Protective Styling

    I’ve gotten great feedback about my most recent style and instead of just sharing them with my Facebook fam, it was suggested that I post them here! [youtuber youtube=’’] Inspired by Tamika Fletcher of Natural Resources Salon   [youtuber youtube=’′]   [youtuber youtube=’’]   [youtuber youtube=’′] View more pictures in my Facebook “Pin-ups and Scarves” album.  

  • Mocha Kid is taking over!

    Mocha Kid is taking over!

    With a recent post from Essence Magazine, Mocha Kid Magazine is really making a name for themselves! [youtuber youtube=’’]   Mocha Kid is an up-and-coming interactive magazine that is geared towards empowering, unleashing and glorifying the many physical shades of African American children.​ Their desire is to equip parents with the necessary tools and insights that […]