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  • Children are processing through injustices too

    Children are processing through injustices too

    As I laid in bed Sunday night, texting with a group of non-black teachers (this part becomes important as you read), I was wondering, “What do I say to my students about current injustices in their own city??” I’m the only black female teacher in my building and not that I in anyway feel I’m […]

  • Teachers can help combat racism

    Teachers can help combat racism

    Le sigh…school has begun. So long summer break joy for me and Bailey. BUT I must pay these bills so we can live comfortably so I’ll quit my fussing now! (Below I’m sharing about my trip to Selma, AL after the commemoration of Bloody Sunday. ) I don’t usually condone parents telling teachers what to […]

  • Black Liberation

    Black Liberation

    Liberation- noun; the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression. To release.  Can we get free?  As I rock my child to sleep for her morning nap – that she fights against more n more and sleeps less n less for each day – I’m reflecting on my unapologetically black timelines today. […]

  • The F Word | Part 2

    The F Word | Part 2

    Read part 1 here. While learning more about fibroids, I came across an article from Gessie Thompson regarding fibroids and fertility. At the time, I knew I wanted children and wondered if fibroids would be cause for concern. (Sidenote: I came to this realization at the same age I found out about my fibroids, age 33…so […]

  • The F Word | Part 1

    The F Word | Part 1

    Read part 2 here. The hushed f-word I’m referring to isn’t one that’ll get your mouth washed out with soap by your grandmother, rather one that is not used as much as it should be especially in the African American and Hispanic communities. “Uterine fibroids, noncancerous growths that can appear on the uterus and interfere […]

  • Representation Matters | Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green

    Representation Matters | Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green

    This article can be found in the March/April issue of Delux Magazine, an urban lifestyle magazine I’ve been writing for since 2009.  Inspiring a Generation   While scouring the web early one morning, my daily routine to avoid prepping for work, I was floored by a headline on The Root: “A Story of Perseverance: Dr. […]

  • Maternity Wear On a Budget

    Maternity Wear On a Budget

    “No one wears maternity clothing,” so said the father of my child. Sir. Please. o_O I’ve known plenty of pregnant women in the past few years. Shucks, almost half the women at my school have been pregnant in my last five years there…the running joke is that there is something in the water because there […]

  • Maternity shoot (and baby name reveal)

    Maternity shoot (and baby name reveal)

    Time is winding down. I’m to the stage where I’ve mapped out every store’s restroom because chances are high I’ll need to visit it. *rolls eyes* Translation: My little one is almost here!:) I had a baby shower thrown by my wonderful crew of Sorors last month and on that same day I had a […]

  • Black Girls Travel (Too) | Barbados

    Black Girls Travel (Too) | Barbados

    This article about professionals traveling came my way just in time. Every working woman needs to take time for herself!   I just returned from a weeklong trip to the sunny (ok, most days cloudy) and beautiful island of Barbados.   Some may be wondering why I chose this title for my post. Well when I […]

  • Teach your daughters their hair is beautiful

    Teach your daughters their hair is beautiful

    Some people feel natural hair is a movement or even a trend. But the fact is, it’s natural!! Our young girls with textured hair need an extra push at times to believe their hair is just as beautiful as anyone else passing by. Curl Centric has come up with one way to do just that! […]

  • Flyy Apparel

    Flyy Apparel

    “Wow! Half of the year is already behind us and 2014 has been amazing for FLYY Apparel. Just nine short months ago I was at the Howard University Homecoming tailgate selling my first t-shirts and now this month we experienced our highest selling month to date! That amazing accomplishment is thanks to all of you who […]

  • Amerikan Goddess

    Amerikan Goddess

    Over a year ago, I received 2 lip balms in a gift bag from a natural hair event. It was love at first use! I eagerly reached out to the product owner, Michelle Turner, after using the product for several weeks. I still have (and use) one lip balm and find it to be more […]

  • #GetWellMeechy


    Many avid natural hair supporters are fully aware of Meechy Monroe’s story but I wanted to share with others. Her optimism and positivity during this difficult time is amazing and as many that can hear her story and share it with others, the better! [youtuber youtube=’’] Read and share the entire story here. On April […]

  • Pretty Brown Girl Movement

    Pretty Brown Girl Movement

      Friends, Family & Supporters, We hope that you are enjoying your summer! The girls are growing up way too fast and the Pretty Brown Girl Movement is continuing to move forward.  We truly appreciate your continued support and encouragement. We were recently featured on our local Channel 4 News, please check out the interview here .We […]

  • Young Entrepreneur: Maya Penn

    Young Entrepreneur: Maya Penn

    Fourteen-year-old Maya Penn is sitting on a 75k-a-year enterprise according to the July 2014 issue of Essence Magazine! Go’on girl!  [youtuber youtube=’’] At age 8, she was making her own headbands and others would ask where they could be purchased. This prompted her, AT AGE EIGHT, to start her own business. Her items are adorable AND […]

  • Wrap dress anyone?

    Wrap dress anyone?

    I initially shared about this yellow and blue dress on my Facebook and in a blog post. Ever since, people have been asking, “HOW DO YOU TIE IT!?!?!” Welp, here ya go! [youtuber youtube=’’]    I love that it works as a skirt for my tall frame without making it look like a petite size (as […]

  • Umba Designs Announces July Birthday Bash

    Umba Designs Announces July Birthday Bash

    “Umba is turning 2 and having a party! You’re invited.” – Chloe Hart, Owner FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Greensboro, NC] – Umba Designs is thrilled to announce its 2nd birthday on July 14th 2014. Celebrating for just a day will not do. For the month of July, Umba Designs will be partaking in a handful of birthday festivities […]

  • Oh, the sights seen at festivals!

    Oh, the sights seen at festivals!

    I attended the annual African Arts Festival in St. Louis, and while I was there as a volunteer, I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of beauties along my way! I just HAD to purchase this dress, then found another on eBay! I’d be happy to purchase another!! If you know where it can […]

  • Big Twist Out

    Big Twist Out

    I must, must, must get better with posting to  Soon and very soon, I will!!Anywho I had some ask what I did to my hair a couple week’s ago while attending my sister’s graduation. SHOUT OUT TO THE VALEDICTORIAN OF THE NUMBER ONE HIGH SCHOOL IN THE STATE!! #siblings I’d washed my hair earlier in the […]

  • Hair bullying?

    Hair bullying?

    I met Ama Karikari Yawson as she campaigned for her book, Sunne’s Gift. I happily supported and featured her story and kickstarter on my site in order to help spread the word. #supportasista Ama is also a HuffPost contributor and after reading this article, I felt compelled to share. Bullying has become a national crisis. […]