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  • KiRoHo Magazine

    KiRoHo Magazine

    View it here and be sure to follow this magazine’s journey!   Mark Savage Jr. CEO/Founder KING ARTISTRY 707.276.6334 REEL: New WEB-SERIES: #ConsciousLiving Download Our song @ Our Music Video

  • Chrisette Michelle

    Chrisette Michelle

      Hi, my name is Tiffany. And I write.   Read the entire article here.

  • Big Chop to Stop Cancer | Myavana

    Big Chop to Stop Cancer | Myavana

    I originally posted about these women after meeting them in Atlanta a few years ago. They interviewed a friend and I as part of their survey to create the movement that is in motion today (Read it here.)   Since then, they’ve been featured on Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC show and on, filmed a “hangout” for Essence […]

  • Kasheera of Wild Heart Bliss

    Kasheera of Wild Heart Bliss

    Meet Kasheera Hickson, creator and founder of Wild Heart Bliss, an online handmade jewelry boutique. Q: Tell me more about your jewelry company. How did it come about? A: I’m a very artistic person. I got into drawing and painting back in high school and about 10 months ago I came up with the idea […]

  • Anu Naturals

    Our company was a company before we even knew we had a company. We started over three years ago in our kitchen mixing and melting various Essential oils, Carrier Oils and all Natural Butters. Using what mother nature herself has provided us with to address the needs of our newly natural hair. The need to […]

  • Noihsaf


    Candace Cort started Noihsaf Naturals because it was a way to stay motivated on her natural hair journey. “I have been natural since ’06 but about two years ago I decided to go get a trim at the hair salon and came out with a big chop and over 70% of my length was GONE, […]

  • You Can Play With It

    You Can Play With It

    The Play With It Project ( is the missing conversation that sheds light on the natural hair movement as well as some of the experiences of the journey. Including exclusive interviews from women such as: Felicia Leatherwood, Mae (Natural Chica), and Alex Elle. Using film and photography, Vaughn Dabney has been working on this project […]

  • Big Chopping for a Greater Cause

    Big Chopping for a Greater Cause

    Saleemah of Hydratherma Naturals shared, “The hubs and I had a ball doing my big chop earlier today! I really appreciate him. Many asked why I cut my hair. I’m donating my hair to #LocksOfLove I pray that they can make a kinky wig for a cancer patient who needs it! Love y’all! #naturalhair #naturalhairjourney“ This was such a […]

  • KenyaGoneNatural


    Everyone could use inspiration at some point in their life about something, right? New-to-the-scene blogger, KenyaGoneNatural, plans to do just that with her focus of hair, life, and relationships. In this post, she shares her reasons for going natural several years ago. It’s about time 🙂 I got my first relaxer in the sixth grade, […]

  • Napturally Curly talks: HAIRspiration on Pinterest

    Napturally Curly talks: HAIRspiration on Pinterest

    Napturally Curly shares a fun way to find natural HAIRspiration!! Do you need inspiration for transitioning or natural hairstyles? Of course you do.  We all do from time to time! Here’s Help! So if you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, you will in the next couple of months. It’s one of the fastest growing social networking sites out there […]

  • Top 10 Natural Hair Bloggers and Vloggers of 2013

    Top 10 Natural Hair Bloggers and Vloggers of 2013

    Ummm is that MY NAME on a list of top 10 bloggers/vloggers! Wow talk about flattered 🙂 Since beginning my natural hair research via blogs and vlogs in 2008, I have definitely come to one of these ladies for styles, tips, and much more. Heck, I watch Mae of Natural Chica and Whitney of Naptural85 so […]

  • The Cassie Brown Project part 2

    To view part 1, click here! Why I joined the movement. I decided to join the [natural hair] movement because I feel there is a need for more transparency around the issues we face as brown women and girls. There is a lot of talking AT black women, telling us what we should do to […]

  • A F R O T O

    A F R O T O

    King Artistry presents   “A F R O T O”  Winter Issue 1 of 2   Afroto was created to show and embrace the NATURAL beauty of a Woman or Man. I came from a fashion and fine arts angle to give it a more artistic and sophisticated feel.   I love telling stories and […]

  • The Cassie Brown Project Tees

    The Cassie Brown Project Tees

    The t-shirt idea was inspired by a real life experience and conversation that I had with a girlfriend. I was totally venting about a whack dating experience. After all of my venting, I realized that I had many reasons to be angry. However, in this instance I decided that I would not be angry by […]

  • Fly & Fierce Thrifting

    Fly & Fierce Thrifting

    Fly & Fierce, a NYC online boutique specializing in women’s apparel and accessories, announced the launch of its website, The website offers women a fashionable boutique experience online, coupled with a user-friendly layout and sleek design. For super savvy cost-conscious women on the go, Fly & Fierce is accessible from any mobile device or on […]

  • Black Actress: Andrea Lewis

    Black Actress: Andrea Lewis

    After viewing yet another Issa Rae production that I thoroughly enjoyed, I just had to reach out to the creator. Andrea Lewis raised over $20,000 to create Black Actress, the most recent web series to grace the YouTube channel of Issa Rae. Her co-producer, Brian Walker, was the first person to speak to Issa about […]

  • FITspiration: No Sweat Fat Loss

    FITspiration: No Sweat Fat Loss

    I tend to make “web friends” and Shyna is one (NaturallyShynaSlim on Instagram). This post is just in time for Thanksgiving. Don’t go overboard y’all!! Eat just enough to feel satisfied and come prepared with Tupperware bowls so you can take home leftovers! Shyna’s body is amazing and will make you want to drop whatever […]

  • You can touch my hair…

    You can touch my hair…

    Or can you? This is a conversation I’ve had with many women of color. My personal feelings about it are no, you may not.   Duh.   Please refrain from walking toward strangers and touching something that does not belong to you. Hands will likely be smacked. Kinky hair need not be a major fascination […]

  • Posh and Popular

    Posh and Popular

    I’ve known this fly girl since my college days. Even then, blogger Kim’s style had me in awe! It’s only matured as the decade passed and I’m happy to share her blog and style with my readers! “As a child I was definitely fashionable. My mother and grandmother kept me in the latest children’s trends! […]

  • Naturally Happy Hair Magazine

    Naturally Happy Hair Magazine

    They’ve done it again! Another great issue that you absolutely must support!! Here’s a sneak peak so you can see what you’re missing 🙂   ^My contribution 🙂 Naturally Happy Hair