Year: 2012

  • Operation organize!

    Operation organize!

    Organizing has been my goal for the month of December. My main interest was my 2nd bedroom which functions as a “wardrobe”…every girl needs one! While visiting my dad’s house, I found an old shelving unit being unused. I didn’t know how it could be used but knew it could be used! I got to […]

  • Holiday Fun Times

    Holiday Fun Times

    I’m adding this to “healthy eating” but I know most will turn their nose up, thinking, “that ain’t healthy food”. However, it’s all about portion control to me. I come prepared to eat a little and then put the same amount in my Tupperware containers. Yes. I travel with containers. 😉 Plus I continue to […]

  • Deborah Bond – Madam Palindrome

    Deborah Bond – Madam Palindrome

    I officially have a new favorite female artist. Her soulful voice has a hint of sweet innocence and the lyrics speak to your soul. Before reading a bit about her musical experience and hair journey, please watch her latest video, “You Are the One,” from her 2011 album Madam Palindrome. [youtube][/youtube] “My musical experience so […]

  • DIY Crafts with kids

    DIY Crafts with kids

    Attention crafty folks with kids to entertain this holiday break…grab a clean tube sock outta grandpa’s dresser and make this with the kiddos! A cup of rice holds the snowman steady and add pillow stuffing to fill the rest of the sock. Then simply decorate it with pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and whatever else your […]

  • Jean and Marcus Baylor

    Jean and Marcus Baylor

    Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Marcus and Jean Baylor.  The Suite Soul Spot Concert Series, in association with VanitaApplebum Entertainment Services, brought Frank McComb to St. Louis along with Marcus on drums and Jean as a vocalist.  And oh what a show it was!  It was the first time the Baylors worked […]

  • Upkeep of extensions

    Upkeep of extensions

    So you’ve got extensions and you’re wondering…ok, so now what!?! In my case, the extensions I’m referring to are Senegalese twists and box braids.  In case you missed my post on what to do prior to installing extensions, check out this article. [youtuber youtube=’’] Pulling extensions too tightly on a regular basis can effect your […]

  • It’s my birthday!! (Giveaway closed)

    It’s my birthday!! (Giveaway closed)

    Well, not MY actual BIRTHday, rather my site’s birthday!!   One year ago I created My Natural Reality with the vision of expanding my writing skills, growing my networking skills, and publicizing the skills other exude! As a thank you to those who have supported by clicking a link, purchasing a product, sharing a kind […]

  • LACEnatural


    Candy Walker of Ladies Always Create Excitement, LLC (L.A.C.E.) shared her natural hair journey and her progress with her L.A.C.E. I was only getting relaxers maybe 3 times a year, so while doing research on natural ingredients, I came across a lot of blogs and YT videos in regards to natural hair. I started transitioning […]

  • My HAIRspiration for the day: BIG hair!

    My HAIRspiration for the day: BIG hair!

    These pictures speak for themselves… ^^A little FITspiration right there^^

  • rocky-soul-funk-acid-jazz


    I’m thankful for each and every one of my opportunities!! Among those is interviewing artists who I’ve admired for years.  Not only will I see Bilal in concert for the second time this month, but I had a chance to speak with him about his music. Not to put Bilal in a box, but if […]

  • PSA: Be yourself!

    PSA: Be yourself!

    “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” Let me start by saying, I’m venting.  This is an old article that I completely forgot to post. Herein lies my inspiration for this vent. It’s difficult to teach the concept of being yourself to children when there are educated professionals telling people it’s not about your skills, you […]

  • My HAIRspiration for the day: BIG hair!

    My HAIRspiration for the day: BIG hair!

        My big hair is slowly but surely getting to the length of these beauties 😉 ^^FITspiration anyone…

  • HAIRspiration: Tapered TWA

    HAIRspiration: Tapered TWA

    Great for those still in the TWA stage!   This cut is similar to LethalPleazure’s on Youtube (whom I couldn’t find *sadface*).   Here’s how you can achieve this look at home: [youtuber youtube=’’]

  • I’m getting extensions…what should I do?

    I’m getting extensions…what should I do?

    While talking with a friend about her braid installation, I decided it’d be a great idea for a blog post! Here’s my advice to her: “I made sure to deep condition longer than usual before getting the braids.  I also blew my hair out (tension method: less heat, blow dryer further away from the hair […]

  • Be Thankful…

    Be Thankful…

    This is a reminder that I need to flash up on my phone, computer, play in songs, and wherever else my attention may be at the moment. I was roaming the web and came across this blog about being thankful.  It hit home. I don’t have any relatives going through illnesses, rather everyone is doing pretty good […]



    Friends, how many of us have them? Every relationship involves give and take.  Never think of friends as people who can only do for you.  If we all enter with the mindset of giving more than taking, it’ll make our relationships smoother rides through life. Recent travels this summer and fall ((along with a ridiculous […]

  • My STYLEspiration: Vintage love

    My STYLEspiration: Vintage love

  • PSA: Each one, teach one

    PSA: Each one, teach one

    Do you have younger siblings, cousins, nieces/nephews, mentees (you get the point)?? They need advice from others. REAL advice about real mistakes you’ve made, how you overcame them, and how they can attempt to avoid similar pitfalls. Don’t just smile in their face when you see red flags…speak on it without speaking down to them. […]

  • My STYLEspiration: Dinner party flow

    My STYLEspiration: Dinner party flow

    I’m not often a fan of unfinished hems, HOWEVER the fullness of this dress completely makes me forget all about that!

  • My STYLEspiration for the day

    My STYLEspiration for the day

    These black and white photos warm my soul 🙂