Monthly Archives: January 2012

Miko and Titi of Miss Jessie’s, BeautifulBrwnBabyDol, and Himay10nence in St. Louis!! 2

Thank you to River Fronczak, her husband William, and their team from  Coffee, Curls, and Cupcakes for coordinating this natural hair event in St. Louis.  I originally posted about the event HERE (in case you missed it). I loved seeing all the curly, twisted, braided, straightened, and overall gorgeous styles […]

My HAIRspiration for the day: Solange is working her natural coils! 1

She caught our eye with her eclectic style and now she’s making natural sistah’s proud! *speaking for myself*   There is nothing wrong with long flowing hair like her sister Beyonce’; but there’s no doubt that there is something funky and fly about the confidence it takes to rock natural […]

I love my President! 1

This right here! [youtube][/youtube] Talk about smiling ear to ear on the ride to work wishing Rickey Smiley would play it back just ten more times! President Barack Obama is a man of high standards and moral values! A family man with integrity! It makes me *sideeye* when I hear […]

HAIR candy…and other crocheted pieces by TeeKay Crochique Handmade Creations! 2

HAIR loves candy 🙂  By candy, I’m referring to anything that spices up your look a little (accessories).  Here is a collection of crocheted flowers for your hair, neck, ears, hand, and even for your tiny tot! TeeKay Crochique Handmade Creations was created by TeeKay Coleman.  Her talents are owed […]