Year: 2013

  • FITspiration: No Sweat Fat Loss

    FITspiration: No Sweat Fat Loss

    I tend to make “web friends” and Shyna is one (NaturallyShynaSlim on Instagram). This post is just in time for Thanksgiving. Don’t go overboard y’all!! Eat just enough to feel satisfied and come prepared with Tupperware bowls so you can take home leftovers! Shyna’s body is amazing and will make you want to drop whatever […]

  • You can touch my hair…

    You can touch my hair…

    Or can you? This is a conversation I’ve had with many women of color. My personal feelings about it are no, you may not.   Duh.   Please refrain from walking toward strangers and touching something that does not belong to you. Hands will likely be smacked. Kinky hair need not be a major fascination […]

  • Posh and Popular

    Posh and Popular

    I’ve known this fly girl since my college days. Even then, blogger Kim’s style had me in awe! It’s only matured as the decade passed and I’m happy to share her blog and style with my readers! “As a child I was definitely fashionable. My mother and grandmother kept me in the latest children’s trends! […]

  • Simply Thrown Together: Fall Layering

    Simply Thrown Together: Fall Layering

    I’m not really a fan of fall (or winter and sometimes not spring for that matter…). However I have to say I love to wear collar shirts under a crew neck! It makes me feel a bit like a tomboy when I don’t dress it up, but it’s still oh so cute! Shoes: Converse from […]

  • Naturally Happy Hair Magazine

    Naturally Happy Hair Magazine

    They’ve done it again! Another great issue that you absolutely must support!! Here’s a sneak peak so you can see what you’re missing 🙂   ^My contribution 🙂 Naturally Happy Hair

  • Glam Natural Life’s Kitchen

    Glam Natural Life’s Kitchen

    This post isn’t just about Shelly over at Glam Natural Life’s kitchen, but yours as well! Read to find out how your kitchen could be your best bet for hair products for your natural hair! Hey Sistas! I hope you’ve been showing your tresses some love! The best natural hair care store is indeed your own kitchen. Going […]

  • Ageless Derma Special Clay Masque

    Ageless Derma Special Clay Masque

    Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. In regards to the pics at the end, I had already stopped taking the vitamins at the time I began the photos so my face had cleared considerably and I didn’t have close ups of my acne prior to this but it would often be a large bump […]

  • Style Diaries: Danae

    Style Diaries: Danae

    I started my natural hair journey precisely two and a half years ago. It all started when I saw the movie “good hair” and my entire outlook on natural hair changed. My mother started putting chemicals in my hair when I was four, so essentially almost my whole life. I did not know what the […]

  • Finding the positive

    Finding the positive

    Breaking up is hard to do and unless you live a secluded life in a cave, you’ve been through a break up. Some are easy to get over but others take time. Women and men need ways to get through the heartache. Before we dive into the tips for a regular breakup, if you are […]

  • Hair care advice from a scientific perspective

    Hair care advice from a scientific perspective

      Mane Insights is a science-based hair and consumer analysis company that provides customers with personalized advice about hair care based on their individual needs. For each client, extensive background information is collected–specific grooming practices, treatments and processes that are known to dictate hair characteristics. Also, we provide an opportunity for physical hair analysis to […]

  • Style Diaries: Laqwanda

    Style Diaries: Laqwanda

    My name is Laqwanda. I hail from the state of Mississippi. I cannot remember whether I ever thought that my natural hair journey was going to be easy or difficult. However, I do recall being determined to make it fun.  I love challenging myself to discover styles that work best for me. Although I wear […]

  • Style Diaries: Myisha

    Style Diaries: Myisha

    My name is Myisha and I am the owner of the online boutique  My journey to natural hair is really not that dramatic. I have always had a lot of hair, so going natural for me wasn’t about growing my hair. I choose to go natural because of all things… I enjoy swimming. I hated […]

  • Teen appropriate styles

    Teen appropriate styles

      It’s not always easy for me, a 31 year old woman, to go against the grain in today’s society so I can only imagine what it’s like for a teen. Going natural is a lifestyle change that isn’t yet accepted by the masses but it’s very rewarding and should be considered. 🙂 This post […]

  • Style Diaries: Paloma

    Style Diaries: Paloma

    My name is Paloma. I’m from the Dominican Republic. I use only natural products. If it can’t go in my stomach, it will not likely go in my hair.  Facebook Want to share your style with others? Interested in being featured?? Email the following to 3-5 photos (full body shots as well as head […]

  • Teaching self-love (Sunne’s Gift)

    Teaching self-love (Sunne’s Gift)

    This is a Kickstarter worth standing beside! Watch as Ama Karikari-Yawson shares the inspiration for her upcoming children’s book. The inspiration…   One day, I took my 3-year-old son, Jojo, to a barber.  I explicitly asked the barber not to shave off all of Jojo’s hair and to just make it shorter. The barber then proceeded to, in […]

  • Style Diaries: Jessica

    My name is Jessica – also known as Jessiemon’a. I started my natural journey in 2009 when I decided to do my BC (big chop).  I’ve always had long hair, even when I had relaxers, but eventually it would always break off. I transitioned for six months then decided to BC, and I loved it!  […]

  • HAIR’itage – coming to a city near you

    HAIR’itage – coming to a city near you

    This play shows the  journeys and struggles that African-American women go through with their hair and how that affects work, family and social lives. An original play about the evolution of the Black woman’s Hair by Niccole Nero Gaines The play tells the stories of 6 “Sistah’s” and how their hair defined them at certain […]

  • Style Diary: Paris

    Style Diary: Paris

    In November of 2012 I made a promise to myself that any and all things blocking my growth had to GO. Thus, chopping my permed ends after an 11 month transition marked the beginning of an incredible journey.  I decided that I would no longer subject my mane to things it couldn’t benefit from; my […]

  • Get financially empowered

    Get financially empowered

    My Start-and My Rant… How crazy is it that one weekend I was shooting my summer 2013 line for Vent Tees and the following Monday I immediately lost all interest. As I reflect back I vaguely remember thinking to myself that the Natural hair t-shirt industry was slowly but surely becoming saturated; however, I continued […]

  • Style Diaries: Karis

    Style Diaries: Karis

    Hello, my name is Karis I’m 34 and from Houston, TX. I’m a Christian, a daughter, a mother and sister just out loving life. My last relaxer was 07/2011 I transitioned for 13 months and BC 09/01/2012 so I am currently one year natural. My journey so far has been a great one I love my natural hair and its versatility. This […]