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International Pretty Brown Girl Day

INTERNATIONAL PRETTY BROWN GIRL DAY The Pretty Brown Girl™ Club Launches February 23, 2013     Saturday February 23, 2013 is International Pretty Brown Girl Day, established by the Pretty Brown Girl (PBG) Foundation, this is a day to empower, inspire and encourage girls of color to love the skin they’re […]

Get Techturized | Myavana 1

What is Techturized? Techturized Inc. is a hair care technology company that creates innovative solutions to solve the hair care needs of women of color. Myavana, Techturized’s first brand, is your go-to source for hair. Madame You is for all women of color and hair textures (natural, relaxed, transitioning, extensions). […]

The “Beautiful Struggle” of artist Keturah Ariel 5

In 2010-2011, I was ready to give it all up. Everything I thought I was building was slowly falling down around me. Imagine being in a house where the foundation collapses and the structure implodes, and you’re standing there in the center of it, alone… that’s what it felt like. […]