Month: March 2013

  • Style Diary: Alisha

    Style Diary: Alisha

    Hey beautiful people! My name is Alisha, and I’m a 2nd year Social Work student working on my Masters degree in Community Organizing. I was born, raised, and currently live in Harlem, NYC. I have a strong passion for working with the youth and believe that they have the innate abilities to be effective change agents within […]

  • Baby soft skin…

    Baby soft skin…

    At my students’ recent performance, one of the parents asked, “What are you doing to your skin? It seems you look younger and younger every day.” Hmmm. I was wondering, just how young do I look!? I do try my best to take it as a compliment when I’m told that I look very young. […]

  • Style Diary: Diane

    Style Diary: Diane

    I was always so perplexed whenever I was approached to sell items that I made. I thought, “Why would anyone want to buy this?” I saw my crocheting and knitting as a hobby, a thought that entered my mind one day as I left the hair salon. I was determined to learn to crochet, so […]

  • SPRING GIVEAWAY!!! (closed)

    SPRING GIVEAWAY!!! (closed)

    While it may not feel like spring across most of the United States, the calendar says it is…so LET’S CELEBRATE WITH A GIVEAWAY! Up for grabs to one lucky person is a copy of Naturally Happy Hair’s first magazine and an array of samples from a friend’s recent natural hair forum! The samples include Curly […]

  • My HAIRspiration: pinned up styles

    My HAIRspiration: pinned up styles

    Tis’ the season for protective styling!

  • Napturally Curly talks: Going Natural on a Budget

    Napturally Curly talks: Going Natural on a Budget

    I’ve heard people say that going natural is too expensive. This could be true if you morph into a product junkie (*raises hand*), or you constantly select top-of-the-line products. Now, I must admit, I do splurge on certain brands, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to transition or be natural. […]

  • Style Diary: Shaquoya

    Style Diary: Shaquoya

    It was hard at first to become natural because I loved weave and perms. But I got tired of paying 100s of dollars for hair, plus [the time it takes] to get it done…what I love about being natural is YOU being YOU! There is nothing added. It’s your hair.    Instagram: naturally_teal Want to […]

  • DIY project for the home

    DIY project for the home

    I have a thing about new nail polish! I just love it! Can’t figure out why because just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have considered painting my finger nails because I felt it was a waste of my time to do this on a weekly basis. After one visit to a free nail polish […]

  • Naturally Happy Hair Is Ready To Launch!!!

    Naturally Happy Hair Is Ready To Launch!!!

    Naturally Happy Hair Magazine Premier Issue Naturally Happy Hair Is Ready To Launch!!! (And I contributed an article about Cotton Candy Hair…PAGE 29 ;-))   After countless hours, many sleepless nights and months of preparing photo shoots, interviews and researching topics that aid in a healthy hair journey; it is with great pleasure and excitement that I […]

  • Style Diary: Aquila

    Style Diary: Aquila

    Hey Dear Hair Beauties, My name is Aquila Monsels- Martina. I am married to the most beautiful man on earth and live in the Netherlands. I am now two years a true naturalista. Before that I had many different hair styles from short to long, from black to purple.   After years of experience as […]

  • Daughter of the King

    Daughter of the King

    Kimora Cochran wanted to create something that was just for/about Christ but also gave women confidence to express themselves and be who Christ called them to be! “It really started out as just one shirt, but evolved into an entire line, and now an entire business of its own! I praise GOD for his vision […]

  • Mocha Kid Magazine

    Mocha Kid Magazine

    I know you have seen this cutie pie on various social networking sites! In case you’re seeing her for the first time, meet her mom, Christin! She’s the professional behind the camera lens snapping such awesome pictures of Riley (the mascot:) and many others. I started photography as a hobby when my son was born […]