Month: April 2013

  • Naturals in the media

    Naturals in the media

    I know I’m not the only one seeing it more and more! There are “natural haired” beauties all-up-n-through commercials and print advertisements! Maybe I’m only noticing it because I too wear my hair in it’s natural state. But then again, I really just think there is slowly but surely more acceptance of natural hair in […]

  • Style Diary: Brittany

    Style Diary: Brittany

    Name : Brittany Mitchell City : New Orleans, La Birthday : May 15, 1991 All About Me…..  I have been natural 1 year 5 months and 6 days but who is really counting lol. I decided to go natural when my hair begin to break off badly from those evil things called relaxers!! Best decision […]

  • My STYLEspiration for the day

    My STYLEspiration for the day

    Love those grape-toned open toes!! (Maybe you can find these on eBay if they’re no longer in stock on the original website in which I saw them.)  Michael Antonio Tahan DSW $34.99  Lumiani Zappo’s $60  Two Lips from 6PM $64.99  Joan & David Collection Endless $169

  • Q.U.E.E.N. – Freedom Song

    Q.U.E.E.N. – Freedom Song

    Over 8,000 plays in twenty minutes…hmmm…some folks must have been waitin’ on this song! Many counted down with Janelle’s through her site and were anticipating this song (and some wanted a video too…but hey we can’t have it all:). [youtuber youtube=’’] A snippet from Miss Monáe: “I can’t believe all the things they say about […]

  • Style Diary: Jada

    Style Diary: Jada

    Hello my name is Jada and I’m 22 years old. I live in Philadelphia and I’ve been natural for a year now including my transition of 3 months.     Instagram: jayinesse   Want to share your style with others? Interested in being featured?? Email the following to 3-5 photos (full body shots as […]

  • Napturally Curly talks: natural hairstyle gallery

    Napturally Curly talks: natural hairstyle gallery

    A subscriber (Hey, DLT!) was searching for one of my natural hairstyles and couldn’t find it. She suggested I create a hairstyle gallery so all my styles are on one page. Your wish is my command.  I’ve divided the page by style with links to videos/tutorials.  Unfortunately I’ve been a little lazy about taking pictures lately, but […]

  • Getting to MORE…

    Getting to MORE…

    Are you looking for more out of life? I listen to Our Daily Bread and other inspirational media on occasion…this topic was recently addressed. There is no special potion you can concoct to make this happen. But these tips might help you through today, tomorrow, and the next day! Give more attention to the things that […]

  • Style Diary: Melissa

    Style Diary: Melissa

    My name is Melissa Burgos. I am Latina (Puerto Rican to be specific). I was born and raised in the Boogie Down Bronx. I always had insecurities with my hair when I was younger which led to my first relaxer at 13. After I realized that the upkeep meant sitting in a salon for hours […]

  • My HAIRspiration for the day: Avery Sunshine

    My HAIRspiration for the day: Avery Sunshine

    Every woman cannot rock a fade but Avery pulls it off and looks gorgeous while doing so! She’s just adding to the beauties making their way into mainstream media; showing young girls that black is beautiful!  You don’t need long, straight hair to look good! Plus she’s in my music fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota International […]

  • Curly Nikki’s better than good hair

    Curly Nikki’s better than good hair

    Big hair, straight hair, twists and buns…Curly Nikki brought out the St. Louis curly girls to support her book signing for “Better than good hair: the curly girl guide to healthy, gorgeous natural hair”! Alicia “Nikki” Walton wrote this with Ernessa T. Carter. Pictured with Sunshine’s Natural and Loving It! and Curly Nikki Their book features step-by-step directions […]

  • Style Diary: Ekelechi

    Style Diary: Ekelechi

    Ok where do I start…my name is Ekelechi (means Thank God). I’m 29 years old (yeah I know…I look 12). I am Nigerian and I moved to the states almost 6 years ago. I am single, no kids, a Registered nurse, and I love my job! I am also a seventh day adventist. If I […]

  • My HAIRspiration for the day

    My HAIRspiration for the day

    Big hair don’t care!!