Month: June 2013

  • Hello Cupid | Ashley Blaine Featherson

    Hello Cupid | Ashley Blaine Featherson

    Ashley Blaine Featherson, co-creator and co-star of Hello Cupid, is having a blast working with the Black & Sexy TV cast. This web-network aims to more accurately depict black culture for the hundreds of thousands that view their series. [youtuber youtube=’’] [youtuber youtube=’’] Acting her entire life, Ashley knew as a kid that she wanted […]

  • Napturally Curly talks: FAQs about going natural

    Napturally Curly talks: FAQs about going natural

    Napturally Curly created a very thorough list of questions and answers she’s frequently asked. She’s used her experience as the basis for the answers and it’s sure to help someone in need of guidance for their natural hair! How Long Does it Take to Transition? How Should I Wear My Hair While Transitioning? Is it […]

  • Style Diary: Chanequa Margaret

    Style Diary: Chanequa Margaret

    Hi guys, my name is Chanequa Margaret. I’m 20 years old and live in the Netherlands. I’ve been natural ever since I was a baby. My mom always took care of my hair until I was old enough to do it myself. Over the years my hair structure has changed a lot. My hair is […]

  • Lovey Locks

    Lovey Locks

    I came across this young lady while attending a natural hair event hosted by Sunshine Malone. We later worked together on a photo shoot and I was totally inspired by her poses (especially seeing as it’d been her first time)! So I was happy to feature her on My Natural Reality for my readers to […]

  • Break out the shades!

    Break out the shades!

    Yay summer!! Enjoy this media release from Young Republic! Fusing Fashion & Philanthropy – Wild Soul Sunglasses It’s not every day that we get to do what we love for a living whilst also being a shining light to those in need. To most, achieving just one of the above would be enough. But not […]

  • Summer Time!

    Summer Time!

    [youtuber youtube=’’] If this song doesn’t get you excited for summertime, pinch yourself because you’re not living in the moment! I could hear this on Christmas and want to break out my shades, grab a glass of lemonade, and lie on a hammock…but I live in St. Louis so it’d probably be 25 degrees on […]

  • Style Diary: Jessa

    Style Diary: Jessa

    Hey there! My name is Jessa and I’m 26 years old. I’m a first grade teacher and sometimes it makes me want to pull my hair out! Haha. Come on! We all have those days. My family is white and jewish, hence my curly jew fro. As a curly girl I have had my own […]

  • Natural News

    Natural News

    This is a natural hair newsletter worth subscribing to! So much information is jam-packed into one html file! Photos, videos, and quick how-to “style tips” are at your fingertips. Have a sneak peek at their most recent newsletter to hit my inbox. Click the photos to be redirected to these sites! [youtuber youtube=’’]

  • Beauty begins within

    Beauty begins within

    Making people feel more beautiful and confident is the most gratifying feeling Mauria Smith gains from her career. It fuels her drive and passion for what she does. “There’s nothing more fulfilling for me than helping someone tap into their inner beauty to help exude it outwardly…because that’s where beauty begins: within!” “My love for the […]

  • Style Diaries: Shanice

    Style Diaries: Shanice

    Hello. I’m Shanice Rice from Edwardsville, Illinois. Most of my style is delicates from vintage and thrifting. I believe that’s where I find the best clothes that no one else has. And it’s always fun bring back trends and styles. I went natural 2 and a half years ago and it has been an interesting […]

  • Simply Thrown Together

    Simply Thrown Together

    I’m sure you are wondering what is up with that title… Well I was recently asked by someone how would I describe my style? I did not really have an answer because it’s hard for me to put my style into a box. I simply throw some stuff together. Really. I start with one piece […]

  • Favorite Oils

    Favorite Oils

    I contributed the following article to Naturally Happy Hair Magazine about my favorite oils. Please support by subscribing to the magazine!! You won’t be disappointed! Peppermint oil is full of nutrients, which is the basis for a healthy scalp. When my scalp is itchy (especially when I have extensions), this oil cools my scalp and calms the […]

  • Style Diary: Tina

    Style Diary: Tina

    My name is Tina. I have a huge zeal for life and everything family oriented. I went natural in March 2010 looking for something new – I basically needed a “reset” in my life and chopping off my hair seemed reasonable enough at the time. I have learned to care for my hair and in […]

  • A must have: fabric earrings

    A must have: fabric earrings

    Perhaps I’d been wearing these too much which is why the lovely Toni Daley said I needed one of her latest pair! Haha I’ll take it!! I promise these new babies are going to get MUCH play (you can see I believe this from the multiple pics in my first pair of Toni Daley earrings)! […]

  • Global Couture: freedom and self-expression

    Global Couture: freedom and self-expression

    Introducing GLOBAL COUTURE: APPAREL & ACCESSORIES You’ll never know what’s going on in your own backyard if you don’t mosey on over to random Instagram and Facebook pages 🙂 This sistah lives in my hometown and is inspiring curly girls one tee at a time! 1)    Tell us a bit about yourself! My name is […]

  • Style Diary: Myzha

    Style Diary: Myzha

    Hello Loves… My name is Myzha and I have been natural for 2 years! (I reached 2 years in May.) I began my natural journey as a bet that I could go with getting a perm for longer than four months. Those four months wound up turning into 9 months which led to me taking […]