Month: March 2014

  • Swimming and Clarifying

    Swimming and Clarifying

    I’m not much into finding Nemo. I took swimming lessons as a kid, but prefer to just lay out by a pool, and have actually only swam once in the past few years. However, for the love of healthy hair, I gathered info for my readers who may enjoy diving in head first. I scoped […]

  • Support a Sista

    Support a Sista

    This post is compliments of Toni Daley’s movement: Support-a-sista. I can always get behind a movement that’s about supporting the positive creativity of others! Crown of Glory apparel collection offers handmade crochet items with the natural woman in mind. Each poncho and scarf is handmade and crocheted using 100% acrylic yarn. The image on the […]

  • Chrisette Michelle

    Chrisette Michelle

      Hi, my name is Tiffany. And I write.   Read the entire article here.

  • Style Diaries: Adelaide

    Hey there! My name is Adelaide Paffen and I’m 17 years old. I was born and raised and also live in Germany, Hamburg. I started my natural hair journey not long ago. I transitioned 5 months before doing my Big Chop on the 27th of July 2013 and let me tell you something, it was […]

  • Big Chop to Stop Cancer | Myavana

    Big Chop to Stop Cancer | Myavana

    I originally posted about these women after meeting them in Atlanta a few years ago. They interviewed a friend and I as part of their survey to create the movement that is in motion today (Read it here.)   Since then, they’ve been featured on Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC show and on, filmed a “hangout” for Essence […]

  • Kasheera of Wild Heart Bliss

    Kasheera of Wild Heart Bliss

    Meet Kasheera Hickson, creator and founder of Wild Heart Bliss, an online handmade jewelry boutique. Q: Tell me more about your jewelry company. How did it come about? A: I’m a very artistic person. I got into drawing and painting back in high school and about 10 months ago I came up with the idea […]

  • Anu Naturals

    Our company was a company before we even knew we had a company. We started over three years ago in our kitchen mixing and melting various Essential oils, Carrier Oils and all Natural Butters. Using what mother nature herself has provided us with to address the needs of our newly natural hair. The need to […]

  • Style Diaries: Danielle

    Style Diaries: Danielle

    My name is Danielle, but most people call me Dani. I reside in New Yawk, but I feel Cali tugging on my heart so maybe one day I’ll live there if even for a year. I BC ‘d March 13, 2013 and it’s so crazy to think I’m approaching a year being natural! I have […]

  • Noihsaf


    Candace Cort started Noihsaf Naturals because it was a way to stay motivated on her natural hair journey. “I have been natural since ’06 but about two years ago I decided to go get a trim at the hair salon and came out with a big chop and over 70% of my length was GONE, […]

  • Style Diaries: Valerie

    Style Diaries: Valerie

    I’m Valerie Craddock and I’m a 25 year old stay at home mom who loves to make YouTube videos! I started my natural hair journey August 16, 2012 when I decided to BIG CHOP after transitioning for 4 months! I made the decision to go natural because I started to fall in love with my roots […]

  • March is Women’s History Month

    March is Women’s History Month

    Here’s a few tidbits of info you may or may not be familiar with… When Hattie McDaniel accepted her Oscar in 1940, she walked to the podium from a segregated table away from her “Gone With the Wind” co-stars. [Source]   Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander was the first African American woman to earn a Ph.D. […]

  • Jasmine Lawrence of EDEN BodyWorks

    Jasmine Lawrence of EDEN BodyWorks

    Ebony posted a great article updating EDEN BodyWorks‘ fans on founder, Jasmine Lawrence. I can recall many years ago when my grandmother came home with these products. This was long before I began my natural journey but my grandmother was on her journey and these were some of the first “natural hair products” she came […]