Year: 2016

  • I wasn’t with her but damn sure wasn’t with him

    I wasn’t with her but damn sure wasn’t with him

    Sunday night I woke to a malfunctioned transformer which caused power to be out for some on my block close to 12 hours. I almost wish it were still off now. I went to bed at 9CST and was in disbelief that he was seemingly in the lead. “It’s early. Anything can happen,” I told […]

  • My baby can fly

    My baby can fly

    Traveling with an infant is NOT for the faint at heart. It can bring upon anxiety… Will she be happy? What if she cries nonstop? Did I pack enough diapers? If she has a bowel movement mid travel, what do I do? (And my poor baby was gassy the entire way to LA on the […]

  • Black Liberation

    Black Liberation

    Liberation- noun; the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression. To release.  Can we get free?  As I rock my child to sleep for her morning nap – that she fights against more n more and sleeps less n less for each day – I’m reflecting on my unapologetically black timelines today. […]

  • Baby hair and afros

    Baby hair and afros

    One never knows the texture a newborn’s hair. And Bailey’s so far nothing like mine. But her texture can be found in our gene pool. She’s her uncle’s twin. Thick, silky, and curly, while mine is thick, coarse, and kinky. She’s nursing in the picture above so I apologize for her nose being cut off. […]

  • The F Word | Part 2

    The F Word | Part 2

    Read part 1 here. While learning more about fibroids, I came across an article from Gessie Thompson regarding fibroids and fertility. At the time, I knew I wanted children and wondered if fibroids would be cause for concern. (Sidenote: I came to this realization at the same age I found out about my fibroids, age 33…so […]

  • The F Word | Part 1

    The F Word | Part 1

    Read part 2 here. The hushed f-word I’m referring to isn’t one that’ll get your mouth washed out with soap by your grandmother, rather one that is not used as much as it should be especially in the African American and Hispanic communities. “Uterine fibroids, noncancerous growths that can appear on the uterus and interfere […]

  • Pregnancy Journey [approaching the end]

    Pregnancy Journey [approaching the end]

    As I’m in nesting mode with less than 3 weeks remaining, I’m reflecting on all the things I’ll miss about my pregnancy journey… –Kicks from my healthy baby…though it started feeling awkward toward the end, her movement still equates with enjoyment. –Getting out of doing “adulty” things…my feet are kicked up many-a-times when I’d usually […]

  • Representation Matters | Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green

    Representation Matters | Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green

    This article can be found in the March/April issue of Delux Magazine, an urban lifestyle magazine I’ve been writing for since 2009.  Inspiring a Generation   While scouring the web early one morning, my daily routine to avoid prepping for work, I was floored by a headline on The Root: “A Story of Perseverance: Dr. […]

  • Maternity Wear On a Budget

    Maternity Wear On a Budget

    “No one wears maternity clothing,” so said the father of my child. Sir. Please. o_O I’ve known plenty of pregnant women in the past few years. Shucks, almost half the women at my school have been pregnant in my last five years there…the running joke is that there is something in the water because there […]

  • Maternity shoot (and baby name reveal)

    Maternity shoot (and baby name reveal)

    Time is winding down. I’m to the stage where I’ve mapped out every store’s restroom because chances are high I’ll need to visit it. *rolls eyes* Translation: My little one is almost here!:) I had a baby shower thrown by my wonderful crew of Sorors last month and on that same day I had a […]

  • Tiffany, where have you been??

    Tiffany, where have you been??

    It’s a loaded question that I’m happy a few have asked. *feeling loved* I still post tidbits on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (?mnrtv)) but it seems my website has been neglected. I actually lost some of my zeal for writing after August 2014, and even more so with the ongoing uprise regarding […]