Day: June 4, 2016

  • The F Word | Part 2

    The F Word | Part 2

    Read part 1 here. While learning more about fibroids, I came across an article from Gessie Thompson regarding fibroids and fertility. At the time, I knew I wanted children and wondered if fibroids would be cause for concern. (Sidenote: I came to this realization at the same age I found out about my fibroids, age 33…so […]

  • The F Word | Part 1

    The F Word | Part 1

    Read part 2 here. The hushed f-word I’m referring to isn’t one that’ll get your mouth washed out with soap by your grandmother, rather one that is not used as much as it should be especially in the African American and Hispanic communities. “Uterine fibroids, noncancerous growths that can appear on the uterus and interfere […]