Naturals in the media


I know I’m not the only one seeing it more and more!

There are “natural haired” beauties all-up-n-through commercials and print advertisements!

Maybe I’m only noticing it because I too wear my hair in it’s natural state. But then again, I really just think there is slowly but surely more acceptance of natural hair in this long, blonde, and straight world in which we live; and NOT just in “our magazines” or in ads for “our products”.

Even if all the women are not in fact “natural”, the perception is definitely there to make you think they are.

Maybe it’s a wig, weave, or maybe it does in fact grow naturally from the model’s head. But if it looks natural, I’m going to claim it and say it’s natural. I, for one, simply enjoy seeing women of color with different textures representing!

Vintage naturals


Here is a parody on the idea of placing women of color into ads…take it or leave it :):



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