Interview: ChariT’s Inspirational Creations


How did you get into the jewelry-making business?  Have you always had a creative hand or did it come later in life?


Shortly after the birth of my twin babies and being laid off from my job, I began to wonder about and pray for guidance concerning my purpose in life. One day I was looking for unique jewelry and came upon I saw so many unique handmade items and thought to myself, maybe I can make my own jewelry. However, God placed in my heart not to just make jewelry but to make it with a purpose: to inspire others. I began to study online how to make jewelry and ChariT’s Inspirational Creations took off from there! 🙂 I have always been a lover of and involved in the arts through dance, singing, and theatre. I made some fraternity necklaces and a few bracelets during college, and then girl scouts crafts when I was younger but that is about it. Lol!


Do you make custom creations for customers?


Yes I do and my customers love them! I love making unique pieces from an idea a customer has given me and when they receive it they are impressed with my creation. Nothing like it!


Are you a natural-hair sistah? I notice you have earrings geared toward natural women.  If you are, share a little about your journey.  


Yes I am and proud! 3 years + and still going! I love meeting other naturals and hearing about their journey. I’m still trying out different all natural products to find out what works for this 4z hair lol!! I started to create the natural hair earrings as an expansion of my line to help sisters celebrate our natural hair because I know we love accessories! I believe that by learning to love and care for your hair in it’s natural state you will learn to love you!


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