Interview: Mela


I came across Mela’s blog on my quest to add more fitness and healthy lifestyle information to My Natural Reality. She’s a gorgeous girl inside and out! She blogs about quick workout techniques anyone can work into their schedule, meals she’s prepared or purchased, may talk about various sites like Mobile Mob who can help with fitness accessories, and she models her garments for her audience as well!

Tell me a bit about your fitness journey. Have you always been active?

I was always into sports and fitness growing up until right after high school and up until earlier this last year. So almost a 5-year time period where I completely shied away from any sort of exercise or sport. Getting back into it again has been the best decision I’ve made and I’m hoping to finish my journey to becoming a personal trainer sometime this year.

When eating out, do you find it easy to still eat healthy? What are some of your favorite “healthy” meals?

I find it hard! I love to eat and I love food that isn’t necessarily considered healthy. My boyfriend and I frequent eating out way too much. I even have the AMEX Gold Card because it’s the best card for the people (me!) who eat out A LOT! One of my favorite restaurants we go to is called Red Robin. I can order a massive burger or I can go with a salad. Fortunately what I always order is the option for one of their famous burgers made in the style of a chicken wrap, cutting the calories almost in half!

Another one of my favorite things to order at any restaurant is a side of fruit. It’s a refreshing way to fill yourself up before you chow down on something that may not be that healthy. When eating out though, order as healthy as you are willing to order. Don’t order a salad because that’s the only healthy thing. And if you do order something more on the unhealthy side watch what you eat the rest of the day.

You’re a natural hair girl too!! How long have you been natural? Do you have a regime as far as washing on a certain day each week, doing staple styles, etc. or do you just go with the flow?

I’ve been natural for only a few years. I cut all my hair off in December 2008 before knowing any natural hair community even existed. I definitely let my hair just do what it wants. I’m a wash and go girl all the way. Speaking of, I wash my hair with L’aurel Kids Detangling Shampoo every 3-4 days and drench it in the same brands leave-in-conditioner for a relaxed curl look or just let it dry naturally for my big afro.

STOP what you’re doing my friends, and workout!!