I love my President!


This right here!


Talk about smiling ear to ear on the ride to work wishing Rickey Smiley would play it back just ten more times!

President Barack Obama is a man of high standards and moral values! A family man with integrity! It makes me *sideeye* when I hear such foul things flow so loosely from the mouths of his opposition about his character.  He might not vote “correctly” on a particular bill, but he’s done the best he can do with a system that WAS, IS, and forever WILL BE broken!

Hey Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney, get like Barack!

No matter what they say, I’ll be at the polls for the next election with my OBAMA tee on! Not because he is a man of color, but because of everything else that makes him who he is!

Oh and one more thing…parents, please run out and get this for your girls!






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