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Go ahead…take a fashion risk!! Colors and prints can be paired together to upgrade your style this season!!

I asked Kendra of Closet Confections about her keen sense of fashion and whether it’s always been there or was it suppressed behind the trends of the 90s:)

‪”That’s debatable, lol! I’d like to say yes, but those floral overalls and pink Filas I wore to death back in high school might beg to differ. But seriously, I’ve always loved getting dressed up and trying new looks. I’m originally from Detroit, but moving to NYC during college definitely helped me explore my own personal style more (rather than just focusing on name brands and keeping up with trends) and it’s made me more comfortable taking (calculated) risks with the way I dress. The best part about NYC fashion is that you can wear just about anything, and people will seldom bat an eyelash no matter how extreme or over-the-top it is. I’m pretty conservative in general, but it’s nice to know that I could rock a bright red tutu on the subway if wanted to (and I have, lol!).”


Kendra is a naturalista as well!  Here’s her story: 

“I relaxed my hair for more than 15 years, and honestly had no idea what my real texture was like anymore. It got to a point where I just couldn’t see myself relaxing for another 15 years, so I began transitioning right before Christmas in 2009. I was in it for the looooong hauI, so I just chopped a few inches here and there until all of my relaxed ends were gone in April/May 2011.

‪During my journey, I’ve found that I have to switch up my regimen every 6 months or so. I’m extremely busy with work plus I exercise (and sweat!) at least 5 times per week, so my regimen has to be super-simple.

Here’s what I basically do:

  • ‪Wash and condition once every week (usually on Sunday). In a perfect world, I would deep condition for at least 30 minutes, but that usually doesn’t happen. I always part my hair in 4 sections and use a sulfate-free shampoo (either something from Carol’s Daughter or an ayurvedic shampoo bar). I was a product junkie for my first year or so going natural, and I’m STILL working my way through various conditioners until they are all GONE!
  • Once my hair is washed and conditioned, I apply a leave-in conditioner (right now, it’s Kinky Curly Knot Today) and Castor Oil (a little goes a long way). Left to its own devices, my hair shrinks up to about one-third of its length and tangles like crazy, so stretching it by some means is a necessity. Depending on my mood, time, and weather conditions, I set my hair with Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding using one of the following methods:

            ‪a. Cornrows going straight back

            ‪b. Individual twists wound into bantu knots or set with perm rods on the ends

            ‪c. Curlformers (‪When I use the Curlformers, I like to sit under a hooded dryer for 30-45 minutes. Otherwise, I just let my hair air-dry overnight.)

  •  ‪If all goes well, I take my hair down in the morning, apply a little oil, fluff the roots and wear my hair out. If not, I pull it back in a puff using a Goodie Headband.. You’ll notice that I wear a lot of puffs on my blog, lol!

‪Other than the occasional bun, french braids, or textured bang, that’s pretty much it. Now that my hair is fully natural and getting longer (it’s about 8-10 inches all over), I want to start experimenting with more styles… as soon as I can find the time!


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One thought on “Take a fashion risk! (Interview: Kendra of Closet Confections)

  • 1naturallysweetlady

    hi lady, thanks for your haire styling regime..i like your fashion sense as well. i notice im taking more fashion risks since becoming natural. hmm..also, i wanted to ask, when putting in your leave-in conditioner..do you put oil in on top of the conditioner or are you mixing it with the conditoner..im having a hard time trying to moisturize my hair at this point..it feels great while its wet, i tend to think im putting too much shea butter mix..and it will take too long to dry, but when it dries..its not at the level it should be…any ideas? Thanks in advance! 🙂