That’s in all caps as if it’s a holiday I get all into. When holidays lack fellowship with family and food or at least a day off from work, I’m rarely invested!

But I do think celebrating LOVE is always in season!!

That being said, besides hugs, kisses, and affirmations of your love for one another, here are great gifts you can get the special lady or man in your life.

Men’s tees supporting the natural-hair movement:

Earrings from Cocoa So Kawaii (see more here):

Handmade crocheted items from TeeKay Crochique (see more here):

Hair Candy from Harlem Monroe Blvd. Boutique (see more here):

We all have to eat right?? So what about a decadent meal…here are a few options from Fifi of The Divine Hostess:

For the music lover in your mate, what about hipping him/her to something new?

(Diggs Duke, TeresaJenee, or Debora Bond perhaps)

If you love LOVE the I’m sure you agree that you don’t need a holiday to be reminded that you should be showing it each and every day!

…if no one is sending you flowers, buy ’em for yourself!

Make everyday Valentine’s Day! 🙂