My Black Skin Is…


If you’re not following this company, you’re missing out! Apparel for girls, women, boys, and men are in abundance at My Black Skin Is…  The owner, Eugene Slusher, took time out to speak with me about his brand.

How did you get into the tee-shirt making business? Have you always had a creative hand or did it come later in life?

Well, I got into the t-shirt making business by chance.

On January 7, 2010 @ 7:34am my status read:

Complete this statement: “my black skin is…”

By the end of the day I had around 40(+) positive responses. And the next day one of my friends said, “Eugene, did you see all those responses to your question?” Of course I replied, “yes”. She then said, “I think you have something here!” The entrepreneur in me said, “So whatcha wanna do?” And that’s when “my black skin is…” tees started.  The first two shirts that were released were “Historical”and “Loved”.

Soon after, l started posting pictures of the customers on the fan page is when the demand to ship the tees out of state started.

I have always had a creative hand/eye for fashion, whether it be on a female or male. I love colors as you can see in the “Natural” tee. Each tee is unique in color combination. I have printed over 200 shirts and by the time you read this interview I would have printed many more and I have yet to print two that are alike.

Note: I officially started printing my own tees in September of 2011 and by October, the “Natural” tee was created.

And, if that is not the definition of creative, then I don’t know what is? LOL…!

Do you make custom creations for customers?

I don’t make custom tees for clients, as it takes from the message that I am trying to get across to the masses. But, I will accommodate some special request by switching some colors around and adding in some rhinestones here and there to give it that personal look.

I strive on client satisfaction.  So I do what I can in moderation to keep my FB fam coming back for more and to have them spread the word about “my black skin is…” tees!

Where does the inspiration come from for new ideas?

The inspiration for my tees and new ideas come from the reaction I get from my surroundings and my FB fam (clients). I feed off of that! It’s a real turn on!

Have you ever been excited about something you created and others around and people you only see online are truthfully excited for you as well? If so, then that’s how I feel everyday.

I love it and appreciate the feedback!




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