My HAIRspiration: Wiggin’ n Weavin’ Out


Don’t be scurred of the natural ladies who tell you that wearing less-than-natural hair makes the hair on your head any less natural. Let’s stop judging one another for the protective styles we choose and just accept that everyone has different tastes.

*sigh of relief* Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are some natural hair vloggers/bloggers that have taken a risk with wigs and weaves even though others might frown upon it. Starting with moi!!






Toni Daley


^Toni’s natural hair

PhillyDiva’s World


^PhillyDiva’s natural hair



^Taren’s natural hair



^Napturally Curly’s natural hair

My request is that we be more open minded to the various styles others may choose.  Everyone has an opinion and if someone put it on their head, in their opinion, it must’ve been a good look!

If I hadn’t told you this was a wig, you wouldn’t have known (trust me on this:)).


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