Pomades make scalps happy!


The engine that drives The Pomade Shop is the husband and wife team, Ian and Erma. The LIU alums created The Pomade Shop after Erma’s search for a store that sold only all-natural pomade yielded no results. “I have always loved pomade, but when I started searching for an all-natural pomade shop, I couldn’t find anything. That’s when The Pomade Shop was born.”

The Pomade Shop’s signature line is its growth pomades: Growth Foundations and Growth Essentials. The names of the growth pomades were inspired by the characteristics of the essential oils. Peppermint oil is full of nutrients, which is the basis for a healthy scalp. Hence, our Growth Foundations pomade contains peppermint oil. Rosemary oil relieves dry scalp, and eliminating dryness is an essential for length retention. This is why our Growth Essentials pomade contains rosemary oil. The Growth Foundations and Growth Essentials pomades can be ordered fragrance- and sulfur-free, as well as in the Vanilla and Hawaiian Plumeria scents.

Our more recent Growth Fundamentals Coffee Pomade contains our usual growth ingredients of emu oil and sulfur, along with the added benefit of coffee butter and pure coffee grounds. Caffeine helps to stimulate hair growth, so the coffee pomade is suitable for those who want to grow their hair and love the smell of coffee. We recommend applying a small amount of the growth pomades on the scalp and massaging it in well. The growth pomades can be used as often as needed, but we suggest a maximum usage of one to two times per week.

We created the “Sweet” line for those who specifically wanted a pomade for the length of the hair. The “Sweet” pomades have a buttery consistency and can be used to style the hair and seal in moisture. The pomades in the “Sweet” line are Sweet Indulgence and Sweet Simplicity. Some of the ingredients in Sweet Indulgence include grapeseed, wheatgerm, and avocado oils. Some of the ingredients in Sweet Simplicity include sunflower and olive oils.

“My personal favorites are the Growth Foundations (fragrance-free) and Sweet Indulgence pomades. It is our personal hope that our customers enjoy using the pomades as much as we enjoy making them.”