Christians. Modestly. Thrifted.


“We live by faith, not by sight.” 2 Cor. 5:7, NIV

I was inspired to create the site/blog by my experience after doing a thrifting feature on a non-profit’s on-line magazine, “The Core Reader“.  I was pretty much doing something different when I wrote the article.  I knew thrifting was such a great thing and I wanted to tell the world all about it! I didn’t want to do it for my glory, so I decided if I would go forward with doing the site, I would do it for the glory of God. I want more than anything to live out the WORD of God. Therefore the site had to be rooted with Christian principles/values.  That’s where the subtitle/motto was birthed from: Christians. Modestly. Thrifted… 1 Cor 10:31 “… Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”. He definitely has more in store for Thrifty Threads!

Domonique shares her personal guidelines for thrifting:

a.) Ensure you have a budget to prevent over spending, and be sure to use cash versus a card. I know when I use my debit/credit card I tend to go over my budget, but when I use cash, once the cash is gone— I’m done thrifting! You must have self-control and be smart with your money (good stewardship is encouraged).

b.) Try on clothing at the store, this will save you from having to get things altered, and getting clothing too small.

c.) Dare to be different, don’t be afraid to go outside the box when thrifting. Go for the items you don’t already have in your closet!

d.) Think MODESTY; as a Christian woman I keep this in mind because I want God to be glorified by how I dress.

e.) Check for stains, damage, etc.  Take your items to the cleaners or wash before wearing items.

f.) Lastly, take a friend with you! Ta’Sheika and I have so much fun going on our thirfting adventures.  We also have to hold each other accountable to ensure we don’t go over our budgets!


Team Thrifty Threads (TeamTT) consist of 4 individuals: Ta’Sheika Short (Blogger), Ambreia Turner (Photographer/Videographer/Blogger), Andrew Holden (Graphic Designer) and Domonique D. Davis.

**Thrift stores have more than just clothing and shoes; there are children/teen clothing, household items, and even electronics.  There’s a variety of things are right there at the local thrift store! Not mention how much you will save 🙂






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