Listening party…fashion…natural hair…


I recently attended a listening party for a soulful artist I adore: TeresaJenee!


Heads were bobbing, feet were tapping, and lips were smiling at the abilities of this talented woman who wrote and produced several tracks on her upcoming mixtap Electric Yellow which will be released July 3, 2012.  TeresaJenee has been on a slight hiatus since her last full album, The Ecklectic, was released in 2009.  Electric Yellow will be a FREE download followed up by a new album (release date to be announced).

Tiffany Shawn of My Natural Reality and TeresaJenee















Shoutout to some of the creative souls who supported this event:

Jenni Lovette

Pursuit of Hautness

Corey Black

Black Spade

Traces of Truth

Feeling Moody

C. Jay Conrod


Kevin Johnson

Made Monarchs

Vanita Applebum

Read my first article on the eclectic St. Louis songstress here.




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2 responses to “Listening party…fashion…natural hair…”

  1. Gina Avatar

    Such a dope event. Wish I could’ve gotten there earlier. Good to see you!

  2. Jenni Lovette Avatar

    Great post on this event! I had so much fun and I really enjoyed meeting my new lady friends(in my pic). Teresa has been one of my faves for a while now. It felt good to see all of the love for her together in one spot 🙂