Natural hair meets thrifting: SheRea DelSol


Those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter hear me speak of thrifting fairly often! I love it! Sales make me happy as it is; so to get great quality clothes for the low cost of a thrift store sends me bubbling over with shoppers glee!  I enjoy hearing others view on thrifting to hopefully pick up new tips and get the most bang for my buck.  Check out what SheRea DelSol had to say on the topic.

Tell me about your style.

Hmmm… my style? I find it hard to describe my style.  It is definitely a combination of retro/vintage chic with a tad bit of trendiness. I enjoy wearing floral prints, bright colors, and kinte cloth. It really just depends on the day. My style has been called eclectic, eccentric, and afrocentric. Who knows? LOL



Do you have favorite thrift shops?

In terms of thrift shopping, I NEVER shop at upscale resale stores. I simply can’t afford it. I shop at my trusty Goodwill, Mega Thrift (indigenous to Winston-Salem, NC), and the occasional Salvation Army. You never know what you will find. I have found authentic Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, etc. Everything I buy is usually $5 and under for QUALITY items. You really can’t go wrong. My favorite pieces are DEFINITELY my jewelry. I get REALLY dope ones for ONLY $1 each. I also adore my vests. They are a wardrobe staple.

What would you say to encourage others to thrift?

I want people to know that thrift shopping DOES take work. It is not hard, but it sure is tedious. I will be rummaging through racks for hours, but the treasures I find are unbelievable. If you are having trouble with thrifting, check out my tips on thrifting here: and subscribe to my channel for fashion hauls and natural hair talk!

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