Recycling to make art: Kennedy Waireri


While visiting friends in Atlanta, we stopped by an outdoor festival. There was so much to take in from wall art, good food, and of course jewelry! I was able to meet Kennedy Waireri and purchase a pair of earrings from his unique and affordable collection.

Here’s his story:

From early on when I was a kid, illustration intrigued me. I found myself  drawing on any blank space I could find; from the walls at home to the top of my desk in school and edges of my school text books.  They were all forms of illustrations that I had no idea would shape into a piece of art.

I came to the U.S. to study graphic design as that was the closest I could get to use my asset. Now I am a graphic designer by day.  A few years ago I wanted to do more with my illustration, hence I added paint, and soon this hobby became a part time business.  I learned even more from going to different shows and events and meeting those who have been in it for a longer period.

My art simply draws a lot from my culture; the undiscovered African beauty and music. I was born in Kenya and the Maasai tribe has been one of interest to me.  Most of my work borrows from them.

The beginning of this year brought one more piece of art in my showcase: Earrings.

I work in an industry that uses a lot of PVC plastic which is used in plumbing. In my line of work, PVC is used in making signs.  Most of the unused portions go in the garbage. In an effort to reclaim it, I collect the plastic, print my own abstract art on it, and cut it out to make the earrings. The material itself is lightweight, durable, and neither water nor sunlight affects it.  Since they are cut from a piece with my abstract art, no piece is identical.  I do however have 3 primary themes that I go for: earth tones, sea hues, and vegetation greens.

I am in the process of figuring the best way to showcase them; as each piece is different from the other. This makes them unique captivating to every woman who wants to accessorize her wardrobe.

Please visit my website for more info.