Embrace your natural hair!


While perusing the web in search of new-to-me, creative beings, I came across a documentary by Zina Saro-Wiwa and I immediately reached out to her in hopes of sharing her creations with my readers. I was moved by her strength as she sat in the barber’s chair while a friend filmed the BIG CHOP.  Her initial reaction, “This isn’t attractive.”  Those of us who struggled initially with the concept of cutting our hair can definitely connect with Zina’s feelings.

Hopefully this documentary, as well as the multitudes of positive light shed on natural hair on the web, will open a conversation among women in hopes of bringing more to a healthier way of styling their hair, as well as their children’s hair.



Zina Saro-Wiwa is a documentary maker and video artist of British and Nigerian decent.  Her work includes the documentary “This Is My Africa,” which was broadcast on HBO.  Here’s an excerpt of that documentary: