Men support natural hair too!


I meet so many positive people each day.  King AH is a young brotha helping to encourage people to embrace their beauty. Check out this sneak peek of his upcoming project.


The motivation behind my web series on naturals is to (one) continue to produce positive media with people that look like me, and (two) shed a light on naturals and how the operate in their daily lives. [Lest I not forget my third reason] to give them a platform to have healthy, positive, intellectual conversation, and allow them to express themselves while having fun!!!

All the interviews I have completed so far have been with BEAUTIFUL QUEENS that I know. They were all delighted when they heard I was doing a series on natural hair! I told them I had a few easy questions and nothing was scripted.

I would love to see this project open discussions globally with women, men, and children on how they not only groom themselves, but how they view themselves. I have a spoken word video coming soon on the true beauty of natural women and I am working with my LOVE Kasheera Latash, a natural hair guru, on a few positive natural films, stories, videos and possibly books!

Kasheera & I want to do more in Philly right now, knowing we will be traveling around soon to see other naturals!! The main reason I became an advocate for women with natural hair is my Queen Kasheera! I saw her go from perm to natural over the span of six years.  Watching her made me conscious of what was going on, and then the message came clear to me that we need to support, love, and not judge one another.

Since I have been natural all my life, I have been judged positively and negatively all my life.  I’m here to let people know THE NATURAL YOU is great enough! Even though current history has been distorted and the media tries to imply what should be beautiful, we have to take the conscious effort to learn the truth which is: we are magnificent beyond measure, multi-dimensional beings, and multi-talented geniuses!!

The ultimate creator made us perfect (faults and all). We are here to seek the higher path so we can help ourselves, then help others.







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