My HAIRspiration for the day: Sa Rah Shine


One of my Facebook friends so graciously allowed me to share a few of her pics as a HAIRspiration for you guys!!

Sa Rah Shine rocks her blond ‘fro in a world where the straight hair governs.

“My mum loves my hair. She helped me to accept it because I am the only one in my family with my type of hair. The last person who had the same texture was my father’s grandma.  When I was younger I wished to have straight hair, so I relaxed my hair.  Some people liked it, others didn’t. Personally, now, I prefer my blond curly afro hair!

Sa Rah Shine was born in France and grow up in Geneva. Her parents were born in Algeria, the biggest country of Africa.


“”I don’t have a hair care routine! I just don’t use rubber bands to tie my hair, and I wash my hair when needed, but not every day. I’ve been using the same shampoo for 5 years. I take time to cut my hair regularly.

I choose to embrace my natural hair, afro, because I’m proud of my roots. Algeria is in Africa.  I am French, my blood is Algerian; so I am African.”

“There are several ethnicities in Algeria, so there are several kinds of beauties.  Algerians don’t care about [the people’s]  skin color.  This is why we are almost all mixed! Moreover Algeria had been colonized so many times since 1962… This is why I have this texture, color, and color of my skin.”

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