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Politically Correct: Obamacare(s)

A repost from Nicole on The Seventh District

It’s practically impossible to live in D.C and not get involved in politics. Most of DC’s urban professionals are politically active including those in my circle.  A friend of mine created a line of graphic tees properly called obamacare(s) with a positive message and sign of support for our President Barack Obama during the upcoming election.

From the creator of Obamacare(s):

Given the toxic nature political campaigns can take on, I wanted to create a simple message of positiveness and a sign of support for our President. Through a play on a well known health care slogan I found this creative expression. I truly believe President Barack Obama has our country’s best interest at heart and he will continue to fight for progress and manifest the HOPE his platform stood on almost 4 years ago. Obamacare(s) was born out of these sentiments and I hope its message serves as a catalyst for rejuvenated support and contribution to making our nation the best it can be. – Brandon Hodges

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