Don’t Wake Me Up: Lianne La Havas


This songstress is the truth.  Hearing her sing Don’t Wake Me Up in a live performance just about brought me to tears (and I was watching iTunes Festival from my iPad, so I could only imagine hearing it live!)…so as I watch her open up for Alicia Keys in a stellar performance for the second time, I had the grand idea to share her music with those who may not be hip yet.

She’s barely into her 20s but the soul from deep within and the depth in her lyrics draws me to this album almost every day.

If you’re not hip, promptly do so:

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 The way Lianne speaks about her songs is inspiring!

I can appreciate an artist who takes her craft seriously.

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((No Room For Doubt – 00:00, Au Cinema – 04:05, Forget – 08:40, Tease me – 12:55, Age – 16:43, Don’t Wake Me Up – 19:56, Lost + Found – 24:58, Gone – 30:13))

As if a beautiful voice was not enough, her style is so classically vintage with a spin of modern-day trend!

From my Instagram page (@naturalreality_)