Take Us Forward Obama!


My grandmother shared this link with me today.  While my initial thought was “awww this is cute and cheesy” lol I really do appreciate the culturally diverse imagery and the warm fuzzy feeling it gives to consider Barack Obama IS GOING TO BE elected for another term! #claimit

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_d9mntKvGM’]

I hope you smile and dance a lil’ as you watch this.  And if you haven’t done absentee/advanced voting, be sure to get up bright and early to get your voting out of the way on November 6th!  No reason to drag your feet and possibly run out of time in the day.  I’ve even had employers in the past who offered a schedule adjustment solution for those who needed extra time to vote.  So look into your options versus making excuses as to why you cannot vote on OR BEFORE November 6th!!

Barack the Vote!!

*singing* I’m voting for O-B-A-M-A for President of the USA!

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