PSA: Each one, teach one


Do you have younger siblings, cousins, nieces/nephews, mentees (you get the point)??

They need advice from others. REAL advice about real mistakes you’ve made, how you overcame them, and how they can attempt to avoid similar pitfalls. Don’t just smile in their face when you see red flags…speak on it without speaking down to them. Just told two younger relatives a story about me that they may or may not have known, but it’s one of my less than desirable moments in life that I felt they should know about.

Sharing your story could help someone see the avoidable mistake coming their way…and if not, it at least lets them know they have someone to come to if they get themselves caught up in a similar way. (So try to be non-judgmental and open to conversation.)

One statement I shared with the younger girls was “I feel bad for your generation with this social networking world. Y’all don’t need to have so much business out there. And be careful with the boys. Trust when I tell you most of them ain’t about nothing because they don’t yet know how to be because it’s not your time yet. So be cool about it, hang out, laugh a lot…but be careful. Watch yourself with them over the next few years because nothing they can offer you is better than what God can give you!”