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 “Mommy Uncensored” is a web series centered on motherhood that explores a variety of aspects of life including self-esteem, sexuality, economics, and society norms; topics that everyone can relate to.  Charity Jordan, creator and executive producer, shared about her quest with the web series.

I really like the word you used “quest”… makes me feel a little bit like a super hero… like I can save the world from the evils of post-partum one episode at a time… ok well maybe that is a little melodramatic, but it is kind of true. I wanted to produce a show that gave parents the freedom to laugh at their journey and realize that they are not alone.

There is very little programming that explores the realities of motherhood. (In a non “reality show” way.)

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I describe “Mommy Uncensored” as a perfect blend of comedic drama that contains a little “Seinfeld,” mixed with a spoonful of “Bernie Mac,” a cup of “New Adventures of Old Christine,” and topped off with a “Cosby Show” cherry.


The birth of a new, or perhaps not-so-new, idea.

The web series is an offspring of a book I’m writing.  I began to write the book as a form of self-therapy to purge my thoughts after the birth of my first child.  While I was editing the book, I thought to myself, “What better way to promote a book than with short videos?!”  Besides, if other moms are like me and don’t have time to brush their teeth let alone read books or watch long TV shows.  I actually thought that I was inventing the whole “web series” genre until I started doing a little research and realized that this is the newest/hottest trend in visual media, LOL… proof of how out-of-the-loop I was.

This web-series has been nothing but a never-ending dream sequence for me. Not only do I get to work in my creative passion (acting in front of the camera) but I also get to work in my spiritual passion (changing lives via laughter). We have an excellent team comprised of award-winning directors, Broadway and silver screen actors, national recording artists, and a host of talented writers and producers.


Embraced by Youtube 

We have been so fortunate.  The audiences’ response has been amazingly positive.  We worked hard to make sure that the show we produced was full of good content and shot with quality.  Still, putting our web-series on YouTube was a little scary.  It was like putting your baby in front of a panel of judges to critique their cuteness. YouTube is an interesting beast that often enjoys funny cats in water and biting babies a whole lot more than polished works that feel “produced”.  Nonetheless, the beauty of YouTube is that it allows everyone to have a voice. We are so grateful for a platform to share our “uncensored” voice with the world. A variety of viewers from dads to grandmas, widows to youth have expressed how much they enjoy “Mommy Uncensored.”

Next up…

We are currently in pre-production for Season Two.  Our biggest obstacle, is probably the same as with every independent production company, FUNDING.  Season 1 was completely funded out of our own pocket.  If you can’t invest in your dream then how can you expect anyone else to, right?  Supporters can go directly to our website and make a donation. We are asking for $10 per viewer but secretly hoping that everyone will give $100, LOL.  No matter the amount, all monies raised will go directly to “Mommy Uncensored.”

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