A guide to cooking, hosting, and healthy living


With a passion for entertaining and writing, fellow foodie Fifi Buchanan has a new book for novice cooks as well as advanced chefs to enjoy! In the past year Fifi has allowed me to share her recipes for healthy eating with my readers, so I’m happy to share her latest endeavor with you!

The Divine Hostess: A Guide to Cooking, Hosting, & Healthy Living is really the neatly coordinated version of my philosophy on food and a healthy lifestyle. Eating isn’t just about nourishment. It’s the way we celebrate, socialize, and experience culture. Dining out can be a great way to experience new foods, but it can sometimes compromise the intimacy of sharing a meal. Learning to make some of your favorite meals at home can be so much more enjoyable. This guide provides dozens of recipes to be composed to suit any occasion, as well as a sample party menu and tips for hosting popular events such as bridal showers or Super Bowl party. In addition to this, it is a reference for common spices, cooking techniques, and more. Though not a vegetarian cookbook, this book puts a great emphasis on the importance of vegetables in a meal for balanced nutrition. It really does not matter where your skill level is currently; this book has something for everyone and it also makes a fantastic gift!

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My goals for divinehostess.com in 2013 are all focused around consistency, much like my personal goals. I will continue to strive to make my site a resource to all who visit in some capacity. From cooking, to fitness to hosting, I’m working hard to provide relevant information which can help my readers and subscribers reach their goals faster.


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The book is available also at www.createspace.com/3888911 for US and international orders.

Visit her blog for healthy recipes and ideas to spice up your meals for the week



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  1. Dane S. Love Avatar

    After a lot of hard work, I am happy to announce the arrival of my first book! Thank you everyone for your encouragement and sharing in my excitement on this journey. The book embodies my philosophy of eating well and living well. It’s not simply a cookbook-but it is instead a cooking handbook that assists with understanding herbs and spices, cooking techniques, and simple ways to entertain in groups.This book is great to have on hand when cooking and makes a fantastic gift. I hope you enjoy reading it!