Chrisette Michele


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On a recent shopping trip, my mom and I listened to this…can you say FANTASTIC ALBUM!?!? And I’m not sure if it’s still free, but it was when I got it:). You cannot go wrong with Robert Glasper, Wale, 2Chainz, and Kenneth Whalum on one album! What a unique lineup!

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I love her “new n improved” sound. Vocally, she’s not changed, but the sound of the music is very different from when she first hit the scene. I’ve been following Chrisette Michele since “If I had my way” and can truly see how she has evolved as an artist! She’s been on tour across the U.S. so if you’re a fan, check her out! (I use Fusicology, Bandsintown, and SongKick apps to keep up with tours of artists I love.)

Here an article about a track from her upcoming album “Better”. (You can listen to the track on the site’s page too!)

Back to that shopping trip mom and I took…doncha just love Home Goods!?!?