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I know you have seen this cutie pie on various social networking sites! In case you’re seeing her for the first time, meet her mom, Christin! She’s the professional behind the camera lens snapping such awesome pictures of Riley (the mascot:) and many others.

I started photography as a hobby when my son was born (as most momtographers do). I could never really get into it like I wanted once I went back to work, so it was on the back burner. I had my daughter almost 3 years later and could not imagine going back to work. She was such a clingy baby. I stepped out on faith and decided to go full time with photography. All the love my work received on all social media platforms encouraged me to start a magazine highlighting minority children. I’d love to see children that look like mine on the cover of a magazine. Our beauty is as beautiful as what we currently see on magazine covers. This project has been major and has taken up so much of my blood, sweat and tears and we’re expecting our premier issue launch this spring.

Christin McQueen Armstrong



3 responses to “Mocha Kid Magazine”

  1. Demetriah Webster Avatar

    Hello Cristin,

    Your daughter, Miss Riley, is absolutely adorable! I would love to see her photographed in my Kinky Curly Cutie t-shirt. Please provide an address where I can send complimentary shirts!

    Best Regards,
    Demetriah Webster

    1. Christin Avatar

      Hey! Please email me and I’d be glad to send my address!!

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