The Marriage Tour



The Marriage Tour web series deals with the highs and lows couples face before, during, and after marriage.

Brian and Denise, who live together, have been dating for over four years. This inevitably leads to the conversation of marriage, which makes Brian very uncomfortable. He comes up with every excuse in the book as to why it shouldn’t matter whether or not they’re married, but Denise doesn’t bite. Instead, she comes up with the bright idea for her and Brian embark on a “marriage tour” where they visit other couples at different stages of their marriages.

The marriage tour includes visits with Brian’s divorced single friend, Eddie, newlyweds Carmen & Andre, and a couple that has been married for seven years, Laura & Kyle. If marriage seems more appealing after the tour, Brian has to seriously start thinking about the next phase of their relationship. If marriage seems more like a nightmare after the tour, Denise won’t mention the word to Brian again, or so she says.

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This web series aim is to provide a relatable, yet comical look into the issues that black couples face everyday. Along with the drama, it also serves to provide some insightful advice from which all viewers can benefit whether they are in a relationship or not.

The talented cast includes David Tinsley, Chi’Von Golden, Keir Thirus, Tiffany Diaz, Shango, Jade Johnson, and Jerrel O’Neal. The web series was directed by Beth Wallan, and written by David Tinsley and Kiana Garner.
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