Healthy Eating: I made this up:)


Sooooo I was walking through the grocery store on a mission (mission #5 in the past two weeks) for the Lays chips that you can vote for!

Why can’t I find these chips!?!

Anyway, as I’m walking, minding my business, an aroma caught my attention and I followed it. A grocery store rep was creating this decadent (smelling) pasta.

I tried to wait. I did. I walked around, got a cart, added a few things to it…came back around and she still had about 15 minutes to go. Soooooo because I was hungry, I decided I’d make it myself!

Call me crazy, but I’m a fan of looking at recipes then doing what the heck I want to do with it. I didn’t want parsley or wine in it and don’t know where shallots would be (don’t judge:)…but I did want to add spinach and my fave cheese: smoked gouda! I don’t care for the texture of orzo, but do love farfalle (bow tie pasta rocks!)…so voila, I made my own pasta! 

*Everything else I did was pretty much the same except the amounts of what I used because not only do I make up my own recipes but I also don’t like to measure:).*


 Talk about tasty!!


 Try it and tell me what you think!