HAIRspiration: headwraps and scarves 1


These are from an Instagram contest held months ago but the pictures are timeless and work for all seasons of the year!

Here’s the creator of the contest rocking her scarf as a bow:


This was my entry along with another way I’ve worn a scarf in the past:



Other entries were as follows…be sure to check out these beauties on Instagram!





One thought on “HAIRspiration: headwraps and scarves

  • Chrystal M. Rutledge

    Scarves are a great accessory for women to wear. They work during any season and can be tied in several different ways, depending on your outfit. This accessory has been in fashion for decades and it’s proven to be extremely versatile. Scarves come in all different fabrics, colors, shapes and sizes. Many people think that this accessory is only meant to keep you warm during the winter, but in reality, scarves can be worn year round, even in warm weather, without making you hot. Does this Spark an idea?

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