Thrifting is my friend


I am a big fan of thrifting!! And I mean hey, why not!?! Gently used clothes that add style to my wardrobe makes sense to me!

Enjoy this gallery of photos from my Instagram page of items I thrifted!


That shirt was $1 at an annual Dollar Sale by Avalon Exchange in St. Louis (they have other locations as well). The necklace was about $8 from the same store.


A lil’ bit of country;). This dress was less than $5 at a local Goodwill.



^^You see that receipt!?!?

And do you see all that stuff!?! Baskets, a dress, a skirt, a blazer, and even an old school bowling ball bag. Yes, a bowling ball bag! And that was the real price! If you ever see a Goodwill outlet near you, GO IMMEDIATELY! They charge by the pound and as you can see it’s a great deal!



I don’t buy thrifted tights (Ewww) but that top was $5 on a sale rack at Retro 101 in St. Louis.


Sometimes things don’t look right on a hanger and you must try it on…this dashiki was a perfect example. It was only $1 at Avalon Exchange so I wasn’t going to pass it up, but it was very boxy on the hanger. Add a stylish belt and voila! Instant updated style!


These were a few items from a local Goodwill which cost under $30 (I also purchased a turtleneck and a jacket for my niece on that same that day).


Thrifting can be all about finding “throwback” items from the past at a good price, so why not share a throwback picture of My Natural Reality and the woman who started me on this style mission, my momma 🙂