Curly Nikki’s better than good hair


Big hair, straight hair, twists and buns…Curly Nikki brought out the St. Louis curly girls to support her book signing for “Better than good hair: the curly girl guide to healthy, gorgeous natural hair”!

Alicia “Nikki” Walton wrote this with Ernessa T. Carter.

Pictured with Sunshine’s Natural and Loving It! and Curly Nikki

Their book features step-by-step directions on hairstyles, advice to parents on managing their child’s hair, and recipes. There is much more, but of course I was not able to read it in the hour that I spent at the event:). Upon entering the event, not that I was surprised, but I was very happy for Curly Nikki that so many people came out to support. It was a packed house that included representatives from Q-Redew, SheaMoisture, and Essence Magazine. As for the local supporters, I even saw a few men standing in line with their book…perhaps they just have a love for natural haired women, but more than likely they were supporting Curly Nikki on behalf of of their better halves. *thumbs up*

Curly Nikki with her [equally as] gorgeous sister, Sylvia

Next to every queen is her king (Curly Nikki’s husband, Eugene)

Natural hair is not a fad people!

For many, it’s about a lifestyle change to become a healthier YOU. And for others, confidence has been built and self-esteem increased because of this healthier lifestyle choice. I know, I know…I am not my hair…but one would be crazy to think it isn’t a factor in outer beauty.

Curly Nikki is helping this “movement” to smoothly travel along it’s positive path, one curly girl at a time!

Please head to for more information on purchasing this book and to find out when an event is coming near you!

Enjoy these photos from tonight’s event!

Curly Nikki and Sunshine

Curly Nikki hugging a participant

Sunshine and My Natural Reality

Friends of Curly Nikki

Curly Nikki with Candera of LACEnatural


 HIMAY10NENCE and River Kia of Coffee, Curls, and Cupcakes


Ok, so this was next door but it’s Sarita of Feeling Moody so I had to snap a pic!



2 responses to “Curly Nikki’s better than good hair”

  1. gesselle Avatar

    Great post, great pics…you and all the other women looked great

  2. Naomi K. Decker Avatar

    When you go to get your bangs cut, make sure that your stylist sees your hair dry before planning your do; because curly hair has a lot of volume, it will lift up once it dries, so if the style is planned on wet hair it can end up too short.