Napturally Curly talks: FAQs about going natural


Napturally Curly created a very thorough list of questions and answers she’s frequently asked. She’s used her experience as the basis for the answers and it’s sure to help someone in need of guidance for their natural hair!

How Long Does it Take to Transition?

How Should I Wear My Hair While Transitioning?

Is it Safe to Transition With Braids/Extensions?

What Are the Best Transitioning Products?

Can I Do a Twist Out/Braid Out on Transitioning Hair?

How Do I Stop My Transitioning Hair From Shedding/Breaking?

How Can I Get My Styles to Last Longer?

My Hair Feels So Dry.  How Do I Keep it Moisturized?

How Can I Tell What My Texture Is Like?

Why Isn’t My Hair Growing?

Can I Make My Hair Grow Faster?

How Often Should I Trim My Hair?

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