Simply Thrown Together 1


I’m sure you are wondering what is up with that title…

Well I was recently asked by someone how would I describe my style? I did not really have an answer because it’s hard for me to put my style into a box.


I simply throw some stuff together. Really. I start with one piece of which I badly want to wear and I build on that. Sometimes it’s a pair of rockstar heels or maybe even a flirty skirt…

This first simply thrown together outfit started because I needed to wear sleeves. Yep. Sleeves. It was a typical spring day which is the equivalent of a bipolar day in the Midwest. It’s 90 degrees one day and 50 the next. Oh who am I kidding…this range could happen on any given day.

Anyway on to the outfit:







-army fatigue green cardigan: Target (Mossimo)
-navy tank and pumpkin skirt: Forever 21
-pumps: (the Shayla)
-jewelry: unknown


One thought on “Simply Thrown Together

  • Tiff

    I love how you thrown together style isn’t matchy matchy which is what I’m trying to branch off into

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