Beauty begins within


Making people feel more beautiful and confident is the most gratifying feeling Mauria Smith gains from her career. It fuels her drive and passion for what she does. “There’s nothing more fulfilling for me than helping someone tap into their inner beauty to help exude it outwardly…because that’s where beauty begins: within!”

“My love for the art of makeup has always been a huge interest, even as a child, but it really took off and blossomed into a desired career while I was in school preparing to obtain my license in aesthetics about nine years or so ago. After receiving my license, I began to do makeup for different events and special occasions and it just became a way of life for me. Over time my artistry has developed enormously and will always continue to grow as I continue to perfect my craft and God given talent. 

Mauria views her style as “slightly conservative with a flare. However I really can’t be pegged to one category or another when it comes to style. Style for me is defined by what you do with the fashions that you purchase.”

I will be hosting the first of a series of technique classes here in Orlando on July 20th called “The Power of Color” that will cover tips and tricks on applying foundation, highlighting and contouring, and eyeshadow application. I’m really looking forward to sharing the knowledge that I have with everyone.”

I would really like to admonish all women of color not to conform to society’s standard of beauty. It is so easy to get caught up into what the world’s standard of beauty is and you can easily slip into being your own worst enemy and critic. Beauty begins within and EVERY woman is beautiful in her own unique way!

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