Encouragement to heal


My journey has and continues to be an experience that has moved me, changed me and really completes me.  In 2009, We (my husband and I) lost our daughter at two months old to a rare genetic syndrome.  Her passing deeply affected me and I desperately searched for ways to grieve and heal.  I took up many hobbies, but was very drawn to gemstones and their metaphysical healing qualities to the mind, body, and soul.  I’ve always had a passion for accessories and fashion so I began making gemstone healing bracelets for myself.  I always knew I was creative, but didn’t know in what way.  My daughter’s short time here was such a blessing in many ways but I truly believe her gift to me was helping me find my creativity in creating jewelry.  I quickly realized that I enjoyed the beading and jewelry creating process and began to make more frequent trips to the bead store.  

initially never had any intentions on selling my jewelry until I started receiving compliments from my friends and family on the jewelry I was wearing.  It seemed as if the minute I sat down at my beading table, life happened and my creativity just naturally flowed.  Last July (2012), I decided to open an Etsy shop and name my shop after our daughter, Isabella Rae.  She was and stills continues to be my inspiration and motivation with my business.  Since opening my Etsy shop, it seems as if my business has taken off (of course not with out many long nights) and I now sell on Etsy, Amazon, and my own personal website.  The designing, creating, and selling process is more rewarding than I ever thought possible.  The most amazing feeling is knowing that my jewelry is appreciated and loved.  I put my heart and soul in each piece make.  I look forward to what the future has in store for me and my business!

I never knew jewelry making was my passion until I did it the first time.  My passion then became instant and knew that this is what I’m supposed to do. I currently own a defensive driving school that I use to do during the day in addition to taking care of our two year old daughter, Laila.  (I know, defensive driving school…totally random).  However, I’m in the process of phasing that business out, as my jewelry business is demanding much more of my time.   

I would just encourage anyone that has a dream, interest or goal to never ever give up or let anything stand in the way of what they want.  If you can believe it, you can achieve it!  I’m all for helping and encouraging others and their dreams.  I totally believe this life is full of abundance and there is more than enough success and happiness to go around for everyone so let’s help each other along the way if we can!  This life is too short to not do what we want and to be happy.  

Sending happiness and gratitude,

Denise Rodriguez
You can find me at:
Twitter:  @IsabellaRaeJD



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