Style Diary: Nikita


I don’t really have a story about my style journey. I mostly put on what I see first when I open my drawer or closet, or in the midst of tumbling I go, “BINGO! Clothes sorted out”. I was born and raised in Guyana, South America and came to the U.S. when I was 11 years old. I reside in New York, love it!

My first relaxer was about the age of 4, (too young! And obviously not by choice.) I think ever since then my hair has struggled to be healthy and as I grew older I would skip them, go back to natural and it was back and forth only damaging my hair more. (I never liked relaxers, they burned my scalp badly.)

In May of 2008 I went to the hair salon for a relaxer, though I hadn’t gotten one in about a year, and my hair was in such horrible state the hair dresser refused to put a relaxer in it. She said it will only cause more damage. So right there and then I decided to cut it off. After the cut, unsure how I was going to look, I fell in love with it! Wanting to try locs for a long time, I began my loc journey in March of 2009, 10 months after my BC. I kept my locs for 2 years and 9 months and combed it out (yes you can comb out locs/dreadlocks). About a month after I combed it out, I shaved it off (myself) and I actually like the baldy look better than the twa. So here I am now, with my low cut for about a year and 4 months in.

I have absolutely no idea when I will grow it out again. I’m spontaneous!

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