Dope Crochet


The beginning:
My cousin taught me to crochet afghans one sweltering hot summer in Detroit and I haven’t put my crochet hook down since! It wasn’t until I began my natural journey in 2006 that I began crocheting accessories and jewelry. I felt like I needed to accentuate my new look and attitude with something unique – so I crocheted my first pair of earrings.

People began to compliment me on my handiwork and inquire about purchasing some from me. The interest in what I was doing inspired me to push myself to consistently create things I’ve never seen before. To put a funky, fun, alternative spin on traditional crochet. While preparing for graduate school, I decided to launch my very own small business to share my creations with everyone. Dope Crochet was born. 


More about Dope Crochet
All Dope Crochet designs were conceptualized, created, and marketed by me. Now that I have a 3-month old, it’s inspired me to continue to challenge myself and make order a necessity. I do it all for her!




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