Flowers From Fatima

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My mother and father owned a painting business and my oldest brother was the owner of a computer software company. I’ve always been inspired to discover my passion and live my life fulfilling it!

Flowers From Fatima blossomed shortly after my father passed. He was the inspiration behind the business. When I was young girl, he started a community action program to bring life and light back to our neighborhood. He did this by planting flowers. Naturally, I gravitated toward flowers and was suddenly awakened to the beauty of the Earth that I was born from. I designed hair flowers as a way to tribute my father’s dream of making the world beautiful again, and an opportunity to reconnect with nature and embrace my own beauty. 

Right now, my major goals are to have my product carried in major retail stores to reach a much larger audience, as well as build my resume of celebrity endorsements. I’d love to see my products being worn by stars like Solange and India Arie, women who exude true natural beauty and inspire other women to embrace their own.
 Business does come with its fair share of difficulties and I’ve endured quite a few. Right now, my biggest obstacle is working within my budget to make greater business decisions and acquire business essentials. However, out of limitation, comes creativity. I will be debuting my KickStarter campaign very soon and I am truly elated about it!

 The saying, “persistence pays off,” is TRUE! I have witnessed amazing results, time and time again, due to my diligent efforts. Never give up on the things that you truly want for yourself or your business. 

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