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The 2010s (sounds weird) have been full of falling in love with non-traditional television. I cancelled cable and have several Youtube series I can’t live without…need references? Click HERE and HERE, then thank me later.

I’ve gotten used to tuning in to my Wii, iPad, or Apple TV on a weekly basis to catch up on the lives of YouTube stars. You couldn’t have told me in college this would be the wave of the future!

And now I’ve fallen in love with a Netflix original series. Seeing as I watched all 13 episodes of Orange Is the New Black within two days and went on a twitter rampage, following all of my favorite characters, I figured I’d post about the it!

The story line is so intense, I was wanting to see season 2 before I even finished season 1!! My tv-life was already beginning to feel void because I needed to know what was going to happen in the lives of the cast which was built up wonderfully by the shows creator and writers! Not to mention it’s full of quotables that you and your friends will want to add to your vernacular.

One Facebook friend stated, “[It’s] funny and good. I can’t help though to see the irony of drug culture and prison becoming cute and heartwarming when it’s white.” While I do think the show makes light of the fact prison is not filled with games and laughter, it’s meant for television and therefore has to be more entertaining and less Scared Straight. The show shares the story of one who gets out only to end up right back in prison because it’s more comfortable than her unstable reality. Another who delivers her baby while in jail and is wheeled right back before she’s even had time to heal. And of course there’s dirty CO’s who don’t think [even the lesser] offenders should be granted human rights. But then you have the comical scenes because real people are incarcerated and real people eventually find a way to make their undesirable situation somewhat bearable.

At any rate, if you’re a fan (and if you’re not YET), keep me informed of the start of season 2!!

Just for laughs…

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Oh and here’s some of my favorite characters!

Click any image below to enlarge.

^Baby hairs STAY laid! I bet commissary has brown gel…

Same sistah above as below!


Bantu knots anyone?!

Natural girls everywhere!


Random facts about the show you might enjoy as much as I did 🙂


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